How to get a quick and natural tan?

8 tips to get a quick and natural tan

The advantage of the beach: the combination of water, wind and sea salt

Do you know why people tan so well by the sea? Of course, in such a context, one appreciates staying outdoors for a long time, mostly without clothes, on warm, fine sand... making refreshing trips back and forth on the water.

The wind, too, makes it easier to withstand the heat of the sun.

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Beyond that, let's remember that water, sea salt crystals and white sand favor the reverberation of the sun. Therefore, the skin receives even more UV rays and tans more easily.

In addition, your skin tans even faster in the water, again due to this phenomenon of reflection of light rays (in this aspect, you get the same effect when swimming in an outdoor pool).

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  1. 8 tips to get a quick and natural tan
  • To get a good tan, go gradually and at intervals.
  • Diet: Get plenty of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene
  • Of course, protect your skin with sunscreen!
  • Exfoliate the skin to stay tanned longer
  • Moisturize your body, especially your face.
  • Melanin supplement, tanning shirts, UV patches...
  • And for a more even tan, stay active!
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  • To get a good tan, go gradually and at intervals.

    If you want to have beautiful tanned skin, remember to take it easy! Let your skin adjust to the sun, take breaks and avoid sunburn, which would delay and complicate your next exposure.

    By the way, how does that tanning thing work? Once activated by the sun's rays, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation (melanocytes) begin to produce melanin, which darkens the skin.

    Objective: to protect skin cells from the dangers of UV rays (1-2) The production of melanin takes a little time, and the skin remains very sensitive during the first hours of exposure.

    Even once you get used to it, you should aim for a brief exposure to the sun.

    Instead of "roasting" for hours, opt for several 30-minute tanning sessions during the day, for example.

    Diet: Get plenty of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene

    Nutrition plays an important role in the appearance and health of the skin (3). First, make sure you provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals.

    As far as vitamins are concerned, we must focus especially on vitamin C (through the consumption of kiwis, citrus fruits, etc.), which helps prevent skin aging.

    For optimal vitamin C intake, take a liposomal vitamin C supplement. And don't neglect vitamin E, which is present in nuts, egg yolk and green vegetables.

    This substance is an excellent antioxidant.

    On the mineral side, think of Selenium, an antioxidant that will also help protect your cells from oxidative stress (see Selenium supplement).

    And to benefit from several of these vitamins and minerals in a single dose, choose the Daily 3 multivitamin, for example.

    Traditionally, the consumption of foods containing beta-carotene has also been recommended. These natural pigments are precursors of vitamin A, which is actually good for skin and immunity.

    Beta-carotenes are present in certain foods such as carrots, tomatoes, melon, oranges, pepper, spinach... (8-9) To increase the intake, the ideal is to take a carotenoid complex.

    Begin supplemental cures about two weeks before sun sessions, and continue once you have been exposed.

    Of course, protect your skin with sunscreen!

    To prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer), we immediately thought of the indispensable sunscreen, spray or sun oil.

    The lighter your complexion or the more sensitive your skin is, the more you should opt for a high rate. Remember that the sun accelerates skin aging and can lead to irreversible health problems.

    Be particularly attentive to the time when the sun hits hardest (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.).

    Ideally, you should start with a high SPF sunscreen lotion... ...before switching to a less protective sunscreen lotion a few days later.

    The latter will allow you to tan more easily and at the same time be properly protected.

    Make sure you also relieve your possible sunburns with a suitable cream, possibly natural yogurt, aloe vera gel, etc.

    Exfoliate the skin to stay tanned longer

    Tanning enthusiasts should also take advantage of facial and body scrubs.

    Ideally, you should opt for one or two sessions per week, during the weeks prior to your possible vacation or weekend trip.

    What is the reason for this? By exfoliating the skin, the exfoliant removes dead skin cells and other impurities. This prepares the skin for tanning. Better yet: your beautiful golden complexion will last longer, since it won't go away in the shower with your dead skin...

    Moisturize your body, especially your face.

    The secret of a well-tanned skin is also regular hydration. Remember to drink plenty of water, especially in the sun, to avoid dehydration.

    Then apply an appropriate cream, lotion or milk to your skin.

    This will preserve both the vitality and the glow of your skin. Be even more generous with your face. Note that this part of the body is the most difficult to tan, as the skin tissue of the face is thinner than the rest of the body.

    Melanin supplement, tanning shirts, UV patches...

    And tips, there are many more where that came from. Did you know that there are natural supplements designed to make tanning easier? The Tan-Aid dietary supplement, for example, contains hydrolyzed black sheep's wool keratin.

    This compound, rich in melanin, promotes the rapid development of beautiful golden skin.

    On the accessories side, did you know that there are T-shirts that let UV rays through? Get a "trans-tan" sweater to avoid tan lines and to be tanned all over. Don't hesitate to wear white clothes (sweaters, t-shirts...) which, on the contrary, will bring out the beautiful color of your skin...

    The UV patch, on the other hand, is a skin sensor designed to warn you when you reach your maximum "sun threshold". Then you'll know it's time to move into the shade.

    And for a more even tan, stay active!

    A long rest in the sun can, of course, be very pleasant, but you don't have to lie down, almost like a student, concentrating on your tan!

    It is also very nice to take beautiful colors while being active: swimming, volleyball on the beach, cycling, badminton in a park... A range of varied activities that will allow you to obtain a beautiful golden skin from all angles, without even realizing it.

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