20 Vegetables to Grow at Home Easily

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  1. How to grow fresh vegetables in your home the easy way
    1. 1. Tomatoes
    2. 2. The green beans
    3. 3. Lettuce - Vegetables to Grow
    4. 4. Peppers and Chiles - Vegetables to Grow
    5. 5. Radish
    6. 6. Shanghai Cabbage
    7. 7. Spinach - Vegetables to Grow
    8. 8. Peas
    9. 9. Carrots
    10. 10. Cucumbers
    11. 11. Eggplant
    12. 12. Zucchini - Vegetables to Grow
    13. 13. Curly Kale
    14. 14. Newsletters
    15. 15. The mustard leaves
    16. 16. Garlic - Vegetables to Grow
    17. 17. Rhubarb
    18. 18. Bitter melon
    19. 19. Strawberries
    20. 20. Green cabbage
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How to grow fresh vegetables in your home the easy way

You want to grow vegetables and greens but you don't have a garden at home? No problem, even if you don't have much space in your home.

Yes, some vegetables grow easily in pots on the balcony.

Vegetables to Grow

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All you have to do is find a suitable container for them, and especially a place with plenty of sun or shade depending on the plant, and find out which vegetables can be grown in pots easily.

Here are the 20 easiest vegetables to grow in a pot or window box. Take a look at this:

1. Tomatoes

Without a doubt, tomatoes have the highest yield. They look great in pots.

All you need is at least 5 hours of direct sun per day and a pot adapted to the variety you are growing.

For the first time, choose a dwarf variety or cherry tomatoes. The "red pear" or "yellow pear" are particularly impressive in terms of yield.

2. The green beans

Beans grow perfectly in pots and are easy to care for. The only thing that can scare you is that they climb.

To do this, make a trellis to be placed along a wall, for example. They will roll up very quickly.

Beans like the sun and need a pot at least 30 cm deep (more if possible) with a trellis to climb.

They love nitrogenous soil, so don't hesitate to grow them with cabbage, kale or celery, which produce a lot of nitrogen. Especially if you have a large pot.

3. Lettuce - Vegetables to Grow

Lettuce grows very fast, so it can be harvested often during the season.

Normally you sow it in the spring, but be careful, fear the frost. So, depending on your region, wait for the right time to sow it.

To grow it, you need a wide but shallow pot. Leave a space of about 10 cm between each future salad.

Depending on the variety of lettuce, they take up more or less space. For example, "Appia" lettuce produces a large head while "Lazy" lettuce spreads with large green leaves. Always keep the soil moist and well-drained.

4. Peppers and Chiles - Vegetables to Grow

Peppers and chillies have a great yield in the pot and do not worry about growing in a small space.

All they need is sun and heat. A pot at least 30 cm deep, drained soil with a little fertilizer at planting, and that's it. You will have a good harvest already in July.

5. Radish

Radishes are really suitable for pot cultivation. Moreover, in 3 weeks, the harvest is already there.

You can grow them in pots of any size. 15 cm deep is enough, or more if you can, but remember to leave some space between them.

6. Shanghai Cabbage

Shanghai cabbage is perfectly adapted to pot cultivation because it is not bulky.

Besides, you don't need much sun: the morning sun is enough (about 3 hours a day). Remember to apply natural fertilizer regularly and keep the soil moist.

7. Spinach - Vegetables to Grow

Do you like spinach? Then don't hesitate to grow it in a pot, they won't reproach you.

Spinach can be grown in any type of pot, as long as it is in the shade. Choose a wide pot instead of a deep one.

8. Peas

Peas do not need a big pot or a lot of care: they are very easy to grow.

Choose a dwarf or shrub variety that does not climb too high. Leave them in the sun and water them regularly to keep the soil moist.

9. Carrots

Carrots prefer moderate temperatures and regular watering to prevent the roots from drying out.

They grow in pots without problems, but in a soft and sandy soil.

10. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are hungry for water and require regular watering. They need a fairly large pot and, above all, a lot of sun.

Two months after sowing them, they will harvest their first fruits, about six per plant.

11. Eggplant

Growing eggplants is quite easy, even in pots. They love the heat and high temperatures both day and night.

If you live in temperate climates, you can even grow them all year round! Plant the eggplants in large pots in full sun, water them regularly and use natural fertilizer.

12. Zucchini - Vegetables to Grow

Zucchini is best eaten in pots and is easier to care for than pumpkin. It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in pots on a balcony or patio.

They will give you generous and abundant fruit if they are in full sunshine. Choose a "non-liquid" variety, and with berries like "ronde de Nice".

13. Curly Kale

Kale is perfectly adapted to pot cultivation. Harvest the young leaves at once, or let them grow and harvest them in batches.

Kale likes cool places and becomes bitter when it is hot. Depending on your region, plant it in the sun (for cool areas) and in a semi-shaded area (hot area).

14. Newsletters

Chard is more adapted to warm regions than kale. But they can be grown in pots, even in colder regions, if they are well exposed.

They do not need very deep pots, but a small space (about 15 cm between each plant).

15. The mustard leaves

Mustard leaves like heat and have one advantage: they do not require any care. Put them in a medium sized pot in full sunlight.

Choose the mustard variety you prefer: "Dragon's Tongue" is purple and quite sweet, while "Green Wave" is strong and spicy.

Choose the large leaves for cooking curry, and the young shoots for salads.

16. Garlic - Vegetables to Grow

Garlic bulbs are quite expensive, but they have so many health benefits that you should not deprive yourself of them.

Moreover, growing them yourself in pots is very economical. You can cook the bulbs, but you can also use the leaves in a salad.

Choose a pot at least 20 cm deep and wide enough to leave 15 cm between each bulb.

17. Rhubarb

Rhubarb grows very easily! We only consume its stems. They can be harvested at least twice a year.

The only requirement: a very deep pot so that it can take root and grow again the following year.

18. Bitter melon

It is an exotic melon known to be very healthy because it regulates the sugar level. It can be grown in a pot with a trellis so that it can climb.

It likes the heat and takes up a little space like zucchini or melons. Choose a pot that is deep enough, a sturdy trellis and a good place for the sun.

19. Strawberries

Strawberries are particularly good in pots and in the sun. The advantage is that once planted, they give beautiful fruit every year without any care.

You can vary the early and late varieties to have them all summer.

20. Green cabbage

Green cabbage is a good alternative to spinach and is perfectly tolerant of being in a pot.

You will harvest the first ones after 2 and a half months, but in the meantime, harvest the green and tender leaves.

If you live in an area where it doesn't freeze, the cabbage will continue to produce even in winter.

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