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Are you worried someone might see something stored on your phone? It’s true that we like to share things with families and friends, but we also tend to let secrets be secrets permanently.

It is undeniable that everyone has their own secrets, therefore, Samsung has brought users the Private Mode to protect their privacy.

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Private Mode is designed as a privacy protector for Samsung users, so you can easily treat personal things with it. This feature allows them to hide files in some specific Samsung applications, so that they are only available when in private mode.

On the Galaxy S9, it is available in the Gallery, My Files, and Voice Recorder applications.

  • Part 1: How to enter Private Mode?
  • Part 2: How to hide photos in Private Mode?
  • Part 3: What can you do if you forget your Private Mode password?

Part 1: How to enter Private Mode?

Slide the status bar down and tap the icon to enter “Settings”, you can also run it in the main interface.2. Flip the switch and enter your Password / PIN / Pattern / Fingerprints to turn it on.5. Enable the “Auto Power Off” option (Recommended because this feature allows you to automatically exit Private Mode when the screen is turned off).

Note: please note that you must set the PIN / password / pattern for Private Mode if you access it for the first time. Plus, you can use fingerprints as an alternative.

Part 2: How to hide photos in Private Mode?

Private Mode is accessible for Gallery, Voice Recorder and My Files. Now, let’s see how to hide images in Private Mode.

1. Start the Gallery / Voice Recorder / My Files.2. Select a file or some files.3.

This way, when you exit Private Mode, the items you moved to Private would not be available for viewing.

If you want to see the contents you have hidden with the private mode, it is also quite simple. Just check the following steps:

Activate Private Mode2. Enter the PIN, pattern or password3. In My Files there is a “Private” folder where you can check all hidden content or remove it from the folder. For example, you can now see a separate private category and separate folders in your Gallery and My Files.

Part 3: What can you do if you forget your Private Mode password?

Unfortunately, if you forget your PIN, pattern or password to enter private mode, the only way to get the hidden contents is to factory reset your Android phone.

But before attempting to do so, you should make sure that you have backed up all important files, as this method will erase all your data. Since this is the only way you can access the private mode again, to avoid such unnecessary, it will be better not to forget the Password / Pattern again.

If you remember your password but want to change the access type, see the following instructions.

Go to “Settings> Privacy & Security> Private Mode”2. Activate Private Mode by entering your PIN, pattern or password3.

Tap “Private Mode Access Type”4. Enter your PIN, pattern or password again5. Select a new method (PIN, Master, Password, Fingerprint) and enter the new PIN, Master or Password.6. Confirm and tap “OK.”

Once you enable Private Mode, you are the only person who can access your privacy. So, if you want to keep something private from others, try Private Mode on your Samsung phone.

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