How to highlight work experience

According to experienced workers, age is the main barrier to getting a job.

This perception is now amplified by Covid-19, which insidiously spreads the idea that older employees are vulnerable and therefore less employable than others.

Work experience

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Therefore, it is time to prepare your weapons and to prepare, during this period of rest, the arguments for the conquest of your future work!

What argument can you make against an employer who is reluctant to hire you in the context of a pandemic?

Remember that all employees under the age of 70 must return to work when the company can resume operations.

Failure to return to work would be considered as abandonment of the position. Therefore, everyone, without discrimination, is eligible for employment according to the latest government directives.

For people 70 years or older who want to work, teleworking is recommended. However, they can work face to face with full knowledge of the risks posed by public health and the CNESST.

Why would an employer benefit from using an experienced worker?

Among other things, because a company knows it can count on someone very versatile and with professional experience.

An experienced person is more quickly operational and therefore directly profitable for the company.

If you think about it, there are several things you can bring to the interview to demonstrate the value of the experience.

Do not insist on your long experience, but on the diversity of your skills. Emphasize the quality of your work, not the quantity.

Due to the evolution of technologies and work techniques, 20 years or more of experience is good, but it is more important to show the employer that, throughout his career, he has been able to adapt to changes without difficulty and that he has acquired a working method that allows him to deal effectively with new situations.

Some interview questions will refer directly or indirectly to your age. How can we answer them in a way that will enhance our experience?

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  1. Why would an employer benefit from using an experienced worker?
  • How old are you?
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  • How old are you?

    This question is discriminatory. You may refuse to answer.

    However, you can use this opportunity to show the added value of your age, that is, what your experience can bring to the company.

    A good strategy would be to refocus your response on your professional skills that show they are more important than age considerations!

    "Are you comfortable with new technologies? »

    Highlight all current programs you are familiar with. Remove knowledge of software that is no longer used from your resume and speech.

    Although the old software was often much more difficult to use than the current one, mentioning Lotus 1-2-3 would not be strategic.

    " Are you ready to join a youth team?  "

    Trust in past experience, it will make your speech more credible.

    Point out what you can bring to young workers by working with them: the experience you have gives you courage, a better perspective on events, that you will bring stability to the team, etc.

    It adds what young people bring to a team, which shows that you see intergenerational teams as a winning combination.

    "your attitude for change? »

    Show your intellectual curiosity to develop new skills and your learning speed by giving examples of the changes you have experienced.

    Even people who have evolved within the same organization have faced organizational changes over the years.

    " Don't you have too much experience for this job? Will you be happy in this position? »

    Try to understand what is really bothering the person you are talking to.

    Are you too qualified for the job or too old? For example, ask: " Qu 'Do you mean too experienced?" ".

    Once the recruiter's fears are clear, you can provide the appropriate arguments to reassure them.

    Make the recruiter understand what your skills are and explain why they are perfect for the job. Describe how you see yourself progressing in this work and what challenge you see.

    Highlight the productive contributions you can make to the company and provide examples.

    " Are you willing to work overtime? »

    The recruiter wants to know if you are committed and flexible. The best way to counteract this prejudice is to set an example.

    Think of a recent project in which you have done everything possible to achieve your goals. Say that you like to be involved in your work and that you are willing to invest your time in it.

    "What is your medical condition? How long do you plan to work? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? »

    Do not give a specific answer to this question unless you plan to work for more than 5 years.

    Avoid discussing your health status as a determining factor in your job retention.

    The answer " Tanto that my health allows me... " is far from reassuring for an employer. It would also be premature to talk about your retirement plans unless you are retired!

    Finally, a well-groomed appearance, impeccable clothes, well-groomed hair and a smiling face will make you an ever-attractive resource.

    In addition, you can look for some guides to highlight your work experience in some online books from Amazon, WalMart, Costco, Sams Club, Chedraui, Carrefour, aliexpress, alibaba or MercadoLibre.

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