How to identify your iPad model ?

Here are 7 tips to identify your iPad model.

With this tutorial, find out how to identify your iPad.

model of your iPad

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Learn how to recognize your iPad version with this tutorial.

To use some applications, you need to know which iPad you have because they may not be compatible with your model. The same goes for the installation of iOS updates.

If you plan to sell your tablet, it is important to know the version you have and its technical specifications.

There are 4 categories of iPad, thanks to this tutorial you will know which family your Apple device belongs to.

Identify your iPad by model and part number

Apple has not put its name and version on the back of every iPad, that would be too easy.

If you turn your iPad around, you will see the model number preceded by the letter A.

Ours is the A1475.

Another number assigned to your tablet can be found in General Information →. Model →. It is preceded by the letter M.

It serves as a product reference, an identifier for Apple. With these two numbers, you will know which version of your iPad is which.

In the following list, we have listed all the model numbers.

The first refers to iPads with a Wi-Fi connection, the second indicates those with a connection via Wi-Fi and cellular data.

We have a first-generation iPad Air with Wi-Fi + data because its number is A1475.

The start button

The most obvious difference between iPad models is whether or not there is a Home button under the screen.

The iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 models do not have one, but they offer a design almost in the whole screen.

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