How to increase forearm musculature

To increase the musculature of the forearm, you need to do the specific exercises for it.

If you exercise daily, you may have noticed that some parts of the body such as shoulders, and pectorals develop faster than others, as can happen with parts of the arm, so let’s see below, a step guide in which we explain how to increase the musculature of the forearm.

increase forearm musculature

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Anatomically, the arm is the upper part of the limb, that is, the part between the shoulder and elbow, while the forearm is the part that runs from the wrist to the elbow.

The muscles of the forearm participate in practically every movement that forms the hand and are responsible for the strength of the fingers, so they are indispensable in all sports that require thrusts or tractions or in disciplines in which the arms and hands have a primary role, so it will also be good that you do what we tell you now, to increase the musculature of the forearm and be able to strengthen the area.

Steps to increase forearm musculature

There are several exercises that we can do to increase the arm musculature, so we let you practice with them and you can see how the area develops.

Inverted Curl with Ez Bar

  1. This exercise allows you to train the wrist extenders and thereby develop the muscles of the forearm. We’ll start by standing up, with our legs slightly apart.
  2. Grasp the Ez bar (which is W-shaped) with both hands, with a distance that is more or less similar to that of the shoulders.
  3. Then place the palms of your hands on the ground, i.e. the reverse grip.
  4. At this point, you flex your forearm, lifting the bar and descending.
  5. Try to keep your back straight as you go up and down. You can repeat this exercise in two or three series with repetitions of 20 or 30 times.

Extensions with bar

This exercise allows you to train mainly forearm extenders. To do this you must sit on a bench or chair, holding a linear bar.

Place your forearms resting on your legs

Place the palms of your hands in pronation, that is, looking at the ground

The distance between your hands should be slightly less than the width of your shoulders.

At this point you must make extensions, that is, raise and lower the bar, only with the wrist set, keeping your forearms supported at all times.

You can do three or four series, with repetitions of ten or fifteen times.

Dumbbell Extensions

A dumbbell can also help you develop the muscles of your forearm.

What you need to do is sit on the bench and raise your leg so that you can rest your forearm on your knee.

Hold the dumbbell, and move it up and down, but don’t move your forearm. Just play the wrist game and you’ll notice how the forearm muscles move little by little.

You can do three or four series, with repetitions of ten or fifteen times.

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