How to increase muscle mass quickly. Arms, legs and buttocks

How to increase muscle

Are you looking for some tips to increase muscle mass quickly and improve your fitness?

If you are thinking about starting a training routine to improve your physique, there are many factors to consider.

How to increase muscle
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You must take seriously your diet, the place where you are going to train, what kind of supervision you will do your training with and above all, what methods you must use to achieve your goals.

What exactly are your goals? How long do you want to reach them?

If you want to obtain satisfactory results in a very short time we bring you some simple tips to increase muscle mass quickly in arms, legs and buttocks.

Put them into practice, be constant and check the results.

Tips to increase muscle mass quickly in arms, legs and buttocks

In order to increase muscle mass quickly, exercise is compulsory and necessary.

You need to create breaks in the muscle fibers if you want them to increase in size.

And we are not talking about cardiovascular exercises to burn fat, which prevent the muscle from growing and also consuming muscle mass.

These exercises are ideal to lose weight but if you want to increase muscle mass you need other types of exercises.

There is a wide variety of exercises you can do to increase the size of your muscles.

Exercises to increase muscle mass in the arms

On this occasion, if you want to increase muscle mass in the arms and upper body we offer the following exercises.

Increase muscle mass with push-ups

To do this exercise you must lie on your back on the floor or on a firm surface.

Keep your feet together, hands palms down touching the ground with an opening equal to that of your shoulders.

Then, keeping your body firm, stretch and flex your arms as you lift your body without touching the ground, face or torso.

You can use weight-bearing vests to increase weight and maximize exercise.

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Two benches are required or a chair can be used.

Position yourself in front of the bench but with your back to it, keep your feet together and your legs stretched and place your palms on the chair.

Now, without bending your legs, bend and stretch your arms, making sure your elbows point in the direction of the bench.

As in the previous exercise, you can use weight-bearing vests to increase weight and maximize exercise.

How to increase the muscle mass in the legs quickly?

The legs are one of the most difficult body areas to tone, as they are accustomed to carrying the weight of our body.

With some leg exercises, that won’t be a big deal.

Squats with bar

First of all, we will take a bar with the right weight, we will put it on our shoulders, then we will leave it immobile and we will bend our legs.

We will return to the original position, and repeat again.

Remember that you should always do the exercises with the greatest weight that you can lift without risk of injury and at the maximum possible speed to have greater impact.

In this way we will gain more strength and increase the muscle mass in the legs more quickly.

Side squats with bar

In this case, we will take a bar with the right weight, put it on our shoulders and then leave our right foot motionless.

We will move the left foot laterally, and then bend the left leg while the right leg remains stretched.

We’ll go back to the original position, and repeat with the other foot.

Bending and extension with press

In this case you will need a gym machine, i.e. an inclined press.

Make sure you put the right weight on it.

Then you put yourself in the machine, and begin to slowly bend your knees, making your legs work with the weight of the machine, and then slowly stretch your legs.

Remember to be careful with the weight.

Tips for increasing muscle mass in the buttocks

The buttocks is an area that arouses great interest in people, in the main thing in the opposite sex.

That’s why it becomes so important to keep them in shape.

Next, we recommend some simple exercises to increase muscle mass and tone the buttocks.

Hip thrust for the buttocks

This is one of the most effective exercises for the buttocks.

To do this you must have a bench, box or something to support the back of your shoulders.

With an Olympic disc or dumbbell at hip height, try to lift the weight using your lower body muscles.


This is a pretty effective exercise.

It consists of, keeping the feet separated to the width of the shoulders, and hands behind the head.

Move your left foot forward, then bend your left leg until it is parallel to the ground.

The right knee should descend to almost touch the ground, then return to the original position, and repeat the exercise.

Finally, it is my duty to point out that with the help of supplements such as creatine, even faster results are achieved.

Our recommendation is that you proceed with caution, and consult a specialist in the area to determine which is best for you.

Remember to get enough rest and eat a good diet if you don’t want all this exercise to have been in vain.

Be disciplined, constant and follow these tips if you want to get that desired body.

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