How to know if someone is spying on your WhatsApp

iOS gets the same tool as Android to find out if someone is capable of spying on your WhatsApp

If there is a WhatsApp backdoor that allows a glance at our contacts’ messages, it hasn’t been discovered yet, but the arrival of WhatsApp Web caused many users to be wary of maintaining their privacy when logging in to a shared computer.

There were many media that months ago were launched to discover how simple it was to “spy WhatsApp”, although really the method to achieve it was quite, so to speak, dull.spying on your WhatsApp

In order to spy WhatsApp, it was necessary to have access to a mobile phone with the app installed. That is, keep an eye on the messaging application of our contacts’ phone.

This mutated with the arrival of WhatsApp Web. At that time it was already said that anyone who took our mobile could log in to WhatsApp Web and from that moment on spy on our conversations from another computer.

However, Android has been tempo alerting our phone if someone is spying on our WhatsApp with a notification that there is a WhatsApp Web session started.

Now, something similar also comes to iOS.

Avoid spying on WhatsApp

Just like it’s been going on for some time on Android, the latest WhatsApp update for iOS adds a way to prevent your WhatsApp from being spied on.

Now if someone logs into your computer with your WhatsApp account, iOS notifications will display a message alerting you that someone has logged into your computer.

Of course if it wasn’t you, you know that the message ‘recent login to WhatsApp Web’ means someone could spy on your conversations.

This is where we strongly recommend that you access the WhatsApp Web section from the application settings.

If you are not logged in to any device, the only thing that will appear on the screen is the camera view to scan the QR code of the online tool.

If there is a WhatsApp Web session on any computer, the open sessions from this menu will appear and you will have the option to close all of them, or at least the ones you are sure you have not started yourself.

This way, you can prevent any malicious user or friend from spying on your WhatsApp.

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