How to learn to be a Yogi easily step by step


Being a Yogi implies not only knowing how to do yoga, but also connecting with you and following the steps explained below.

If you like yoga you may have decided to live your life according to its precepts and what you learn with it. In this way you may want to know how to learn to be a Yogi, as explained below, in the step guide below.

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Do you dream of ever being able to put your feet on your head? Or even just to touch your toes? It will be a while before you become a yogi master, but we offer you 11 steps to move in the right direction.

Steps to learn to be a Yogi

Do your research: You can improve your yoga practice even when you’re not in class. Go online and watch demonstration videos, learn about yogic philosophy and learn more about how postures affect your body and mind.

Be aware of your breathing: While your primary motivation for practicing yoga is to get a good workout, don’t commit yourself completely to your practice if you’re not observing your breathing.

Try to be aware of your inhalations and exhalations throughout the day, and use conscious breathing at times of stress, such as during rush hour traffic or while you’re in line.

Establish a schedule: To improve on something, you need to stay on it. If being motivated to exercise after work is a struggle, set a number of goals to practice yoga when you can.

That gives you some flexibility to take a night off without feeling guilty (just make up for it later in the week).

Experiment: Don’t settle for choosing a yoga class. Try different types of yoga and different yoga studios to learn which practice is best for you.

Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga can be a trend, but if your body can’t handle it, then there’s no point in torturing yourself. You’ll have a more rewarding experience in a class that suits your needs.

Talk to your teacher: In large classes, it is difficult for teachers to give individual attention to each student. So, if there is a position that you have questions about or that you don’t like, ask it before or after class.

Your instructor will gladly help you clarify it, and your practice will benefit at the same time.

Know your limits: While you want to find your advantage, you will do more harm than good if you push your body too far. Self-care is part of yogic philosophy, and knowing when to retreat is just another way to show respect.

Close your eyes: It can be terrifying, but what’s the worst that can happen?

You may wobble, your alignment may be a bit deviated, but blocking additional stimuli will help you be more in touch with the way your body moves through space. Not to mention you’ll be able to control your breathing better.

Don’t judge: It’s difficult at first, but learn not to judge the people around you and yourself. You get nothing by determining that someone’s yoga pants are too bright, and the more time you spend concentrating on other people, the less time you spend on yourself.

And extend this courtesy to your own body and practice; stop worrying about its appearance, just close your eyes and move through yourself, your soul and thought.

Prepare your mind before class: Instead of texting or emailing until school starts, leave your phone at the door (or in the car) and enter the studio without technology.

Use the time before class to begin your meditation and to calm your thoughts. If you bring your phone to the mat, turn it off when class starts.

Build a community: Having friends you only see in class can be another source of motivation for learning yoga. In addition, certain postures can provoke many emotions, so it’s helpful to know that you’re surrounded by people you trust.

Plan your diet accordingly: Adding another activity to your day means you may need to change your meal plan to fit your schedule.

If you go straight to work, eat something with complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats an hour or two before class. Some yoga teachers recommend an easily packaged snack of oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and nuts.

If you have to eat right before class, choose something with easily digestible natural sugars and just a little healthy fat and protein.

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