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How to listen to WhatsApp voice memos from the lock screen

How to listen to WhatsApp voice memos

We tell you how to play a voice memo without having to unlock the smartphone, or listen WhatsApp voice.

How to listen to WhatsApp voice

There is nodoubt that the inclusion of audio messages or voice notes in WhatsApp was a success, because sometimes we want / need to send a message and we can not write it well or have access to the keyboard.

A simple audio makes things easier, is sent fast, and if we are with activated data does not consume much of the tariff. But to hear it we must open WhatsApp and enter the text chat to give it to play.

Play WhatsApp voice memos without unlocking

Did you know WhatsApp allows you to hear voice memos directly in the notification we receive when we receive the message?

We can play the voice notes without opening the app and the chat itself from which it was sent to us, and see its duration, pause it, and so on. This function has been implemented for a couple of years, and you only need to activate it.

The conversational app has several functions to notify a user that new messages have been received.

And one of them is the pop-up window, a pop-up window that appears in the middle of the mobile screen when it is activated and you receive a message.

This window may appear when the mobile phone is on, off, including the lock screen. But the best thing is your personalization, as it can either be activated for all contacts entering:

Settings > Notifications > Pop-up window

But we may also choose to include this form of notification only for those contacts we choose from the list, which is known as personalized notification. To do that, you have to:

1 – Open the chat window of the contact to whom you are going to activate the pop-up window

2 – Give to the menu of adjustments (the three vertical points) and select to see contact, or directly click in the photo of the superior part.

3 – You will see an option called Personalized Notifications, click on it to activate it and choose the notification “Always show in pop-up window”.

This way, any message that the contact or contacts send will appear in the pop-up window even if the mobile is blocked. And here are the audio notes, which we can hear from the lock screen without having to enter the app or even unlock the smartphone.

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