How to Lose Belly Fat – Effective Tips

How to Lose Belly Fat?

You are on a diet, you strictly follow them; however, your abdomen remains the same. Find out how the possible reasons you did not know why you do not lose abdominal fat.

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You should know that dieting and exercise is not always the fundamental point when losing weight in the abdominal area: keep in mind the reasons that we tell you next if you consider them and continue combining exercise and healthy diet, soon you will have managed to lose the undesirable abdominal fat.

The first factor, age

If you are already 40 years old, your body has become more lazy and slow, so the belly area is one of the first to notice it. Therefore, age greatly influences the distribution of abdominal fat.

The genetic predisposition

There are people that when they gain weight, the fat is deposited on their hips, others on the buttocks, and if you have a predisposition to have it accumulate in your belly, then you will have more difficulty removing it from this area than the other two previous groups.

Wrong exercises

The body gets used to everything, if you have been doing the same abs for some time, it will be time for you to change or try another routine, there are other exercises that can help you lose abdominal fat, for example, try yoga.

High testosterone

One of the reasons for having high testosterone levels is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome; in turn, it produces a swelling in the central region of the abdomen and due to this it is impossible to reduce its dimensions.

Stress and lack of sleep

Both are harmful to lose weight, sleep eight hours a day and reduce your anxiety by doing physical exercise since the hormones that segregate the body when we suffer from stress prevent you from losing kilos.

Say goodbye to processed foods

No instant food: if you continue to eat french fries, canned meats and other similar foods you will never end up losing abdominal fat.

Effective Tips

1. A diet to lose weight should have few carbohydrates.
2. Avoid going hungry because otherwise sooner or later you will binge
3. Before eating, drink a glass of water
4. Eat slowly
5. Say yes to fiber
6. Perform three sets of 10 abdominals daily
7. Move
8. Take a massage
9. Do strength exercises
10. Never dine on carbohydrates

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