How to make a hologram with the mobile step by step in an easy way


Making a hologram with a mobile phone is a craft that combines art with technology. Dare to give life to your images, turn those videos or photos into 3D destined to succeed.

Holograms are three-dimensional reproductions, an image that moves to create a truly incredible depth effect.


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To be able to create a hologram at home, it is not necessary that we have a team worthy of NASA with a few simple steps and our phone we can get a spectacular result.

We will make a small game with the lights and the place where we will place our phone to give depth to this image that we want to turn into hologram. If you want to surprise with an activity that will result in an image taken from a science fiction movie take note of these steps.

Materials to make a hologram with the mobile:

  • Squared notebook
  • Rule
  • Marker
  • Cutter
  • Silicone gun
  • Old CD cover

Steps to make a hologram with the mobile phone

The first step will be to get all the necessary materials. The squared notebook will be the first to come into action. With the help of the ruler we are going to draw a trapeze. The exact measurements of this drawing will be (1x6x3’5cm). We make the figure with the marker and the ruler should be perfect.

We cut the trapeze with the scissors. We’re going to put it directly inside the CD cover. With the same marker that we have made the trapeze we are going to copy this figure four times to the transparent part of the CD.

It is the turn to use the cutter, we will review the drawing on the CD and cut it with special care. Cutting with a cutter is complicated, we must apply enough pressure and follow the lines that we have marked with determination or we will have a piece badly cut.

We’ll polish the edges of the piece, there must be no trace of the marker. We can use a little hydrogen peroxide to clean up that important part of our figure.

We’ll use the silicone gun to glue the four trapeziums together. The idea is to create a pyramid that stands upright. That kind of figure will be in charge of providing us with the perfect framework to achieve a hologram effect.

We will put our tool into practice, we look for a video on YouTube. We place the mobile on top of the pyramid and we will see with the image or the video is perfectly reproduced in the form of hologram inside.

This craft is one of the most incredible that exist, a simple video can come to life in a wonderful way. Dare to use your smartphone in a different way.

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