How to make an original CV to stand out

Unless you are looking for a job in a sector where there is a shortage of candidates, it may be difficult to attract the attention of recruiters.

Depending on the industry, occupation and who you're talking to, to make sure your application stands out from the crowd, you may want to try out the original resume.

Original CV

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But originality must be handled with great care.

There is no need for your resume to look like a real fireworks display.

How to make an original resume stand out? Discover its features, advantages and disadvantages, but also the free software that allows you to create an original CV.

Making an original resume is not a win-win situation and could even hurt you.

If it can be justified and valued in graphic design, communication or marketing, this will not necessarily be the case in the banking, legal or accounting fields.

We give you some tips in this article so that you don't make mistakes and come out ahead.

What is an original CV?

The original resume is a resume that is distinguished by its layout or format. There have been CVs using the Facebook or Twitter template, CVs on video, the video that accompanies the CV, sung CVs, CVs in stop-motion, CVs in ID card format, etc. The idea is, for the candidate, to break with the classic Word page with its indispensable CV sections ordered: Professional Experience, Education and Interests.

Three elements must be gathered for a perfect, original and successful curriculum:

  • It has to be really original: it is not about taking up an idea seen over and over again, like the Facebook format!
  • You must aim at the right target: there is no need to opt for the original CV in the ultra-traditional sectors.
  • It should not serve as a background: if the essential information is not there, the original format will become a disadvantage.

Our advice: avoid the mistakes of taste or beginners. Leave the sending of underwear with the CV or the making of a video forgetting to ask for the rights of the images included in your edition.

Advantages of the original CV

The original CV has several advantages. It allows you to..:

  • Stand out from the crowd: recruiters sometimes receive hundreds of applications for a single job offer. After hours of looking at similar formats, a design that stands out from the crowd can catch their attention and convince them to interview you.
  • To show what you can do: in the creative professions (advertising, marketing, communication, fashion, graphics, design, etc.), the original curriculum is a bit embarrassing. It will make the recruiter want to consult your portfolio.
  • Showing your personality: At a time when candidates' interpersonal skills are at least as important as their knowledge (also known as soft skills), giving a sense of their personality can tip the balance in their favor.

Our advice: adapt to the company, for example by using the graphic charter of your website or by consulting your publications on social networks to see what can attract attention.

Disadvantages of the original CV

The original curriculum has 3 major drawbacks:

  • There is a certain risk: if you meet a conservative recruiter, your original resume may end up in the trash, in favor of more traditional formats. If the original CV is not to the liking of the recruiter, he or she will be tempted to reject your application. Or, if special software is needed to read your resume, the recruiter may not be able to open it. To avoid this, use Word or PDF documents, the great classics.
  • It requires more work: for a classic resume, you can find dozens of templates on the Internet. The original resume, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort on your part: you have to have the idea and be able to realize it!
  • It doesn't fit in the boxes: most recruiters and job boards use recruitment software that allows them to classify resumes by extracting key information. This software may not be able to process the original formats and your application may fall through the cracks.

Our advice: be careful not to fall into the trap of originality at all costs, the format must make sense and serve your application. If you decide to make an original resume, you have to make an impeccable one. Do you have any doubts? It is better to abstain and go back to basics when writing a resume. Check out our resume examples to make it simple and beautiful.

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  1. What is an original CV?
  2. Advantages of the original CV
  3. Disadvantages of the original CV
  • Which software should I use to create an original resume?
    1. What tools are available to make an original resume?
    2. Can I create an original resume in Word?
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  • Which software should I use to create an original resume?

    What tools are available to make an original resume?

    If you want to make an original resume, programs like Powerpoint or Indesign can help you. But beware, they are a bit complicated to use and work with a paid license.

    Easier to use and free, Canva also allows you to add a touch of originality to your resume.

    The little extra on this website, the proposed CV template, which can be customized with a single click. Other websites offer CV templates. For example, you can create an original CV with Etsy or Wizard.

    Can I create an original resume in Word?

    When you want to be original to create a resume, sometimes it is useless to go looking for trendy sites or complicated applications to do so.

    Word can also allow you to create a resume that stands out among other applications. Easy to use, originality will not necessarily come from the design, which is still quite classic and limited in Word, but rather from the font type, its size and the colors you choose.

    To help you format your original resume, Word offers you templates. To find them, you can click on "new document", then in the search bar titled "online template search" you can type "original resume" or "creative resume" for example.

    Our advice: if you create your resume in Word, don't forget to save it in .pdf format so you don't lose the design.

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