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How to make candles easily at home step by step


Making candles at home is really easy and you’ll only need to have the right ingredients, including beeswax and molds.

If you like candles, you’ve probably thought about making them on your own and the truth is that it’s something really easy, so let’s see below, a step-by-step guide in which we explain you step by step, how to make candles easily at home.

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Creating colorful candles by yourself, with various shapes and scents is certainly a way to have fun, test your manual skills and give free rein to your imagination. Therefore, making candles will be a pleasant pastime, nothing tiring and, above all, it will give you the satisfaction of being able to decorate your home with objects made with your own hands or also have a nice gift what to do to someone special.

Candle Making Materials and Ingredients

  • Candle wax: Can be paraffin and stearin, although it is more advisable to use beeswax.
  • Moulds
  • Container or casserole
  • Wicks
  • Colors (can be crayons)
  • Essential oil (optional)
  • Thermometer

Steps to making candles

Once in possession of all the necessary ingredients and tools, candles can be made. First, the chosen material will melt into the bain-marie in the pan. If you have opted for paraffin combined with stearin, they should be put together.

Since cold candle wax tends to lighten when it is still hot, it is advisable, after melting, to put a little in a steel spoon to verify the color it will take once it has cooled.

Once the tone has been verified, the color will be added and dosed according to the final intensity obtained. After making the color uniform. Finally the scented essence will be added.

In the meantime, it will be necessary to prepare the mold and the wick.

For the latter, the length must be calculated precisely. In fact, it should be 2 cm longer than the mold at the bottom and 5 cm for the top. Before placing it in the mould, the wick will be completely immersed in the wax two or three times, allowing it to dry after each immersion.

The mold will be greased with cooking oil with the help of a brush.

If the candle is to be removed from the mold, a hole will need to be made at the bottom. Therefore, it will be necessary to place the wick, eventually making it pass through the hole and come out for at least 2 cm.

Then you can pour the melted candle wax.

First, however, it will be necessary to measure with the thermometer the temperature of the wax, which should be around 80°C . Subsequently, when pouring the wax, it will be necessary to proceed slowly, making sure that no bubbles form during pouring.

Finally, to facilitate the solidification of the candle, it is advisable to place the mold for a few minutes in cold water or in the freezer. Once it has cooled down completely, the candle will be ready and can possibly be decorated to your liking, with leaves, flowers or others.

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