how to make group video calls in whatsap?

Group video calls in whatsap

Some time ago, WhatsApp added to its functions the option of making video calls, but only between two users as sender and receiver. Now this quality is about to transform into group video calling.

The announcement of this new WhatsApp tool was announced at the beginning of May at the “F8”, an annual conference of developers of this social to make group video calls in whatsap

And although it was clarified that, for the moment, the function is only available for some trial users, some new features have already been announced.

For example, the user will be able to communicate with up to three participants at the same time.

How to make group video calls?

If you want to try this new update, while the official release is coming, the company gives you the opportunity to become a “tester” with Whatsapp Beta, a trial version on Android.


  • First, you should check if you have WhatsApp version 2.18.145 or later.
  • Then, from your PC, open the browser and log in to your Google Account (the one synchronized with your Android phone).
  • Then, place in the search engine: “WhatsApp Beta” and click on the first option of Google Play
  • When you enter, you will see a series of indications, including the option “Become a Tester”.
  • Once you agree to become a tester, you must go to Google Play from your phone.
  • Within the following hours, you will receive an update of the WhatsApp Messenger application (normal version)


  1. Once it’s available on your device, open the Whatsapp Beta application and make a video call to one of your contacts. Among the options, you will see an icon on the top right, where you can add other contacts.

Remember that all participants of the video call must have this update. In case you want to exit the trial mode, just uninstall the beta version of WhatsApp and reinstall the normal version.

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