How to Make Home Detergent

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Make Home Detergent

Making homemade detergent can have many advantages such as you save money and the product you are going to use is totally environmentally friendly.

At home we use a large number of chemicals that gradually harm the environment, and in the case of detergents, also the clothes you wash with them.

How to Make Home Detergent

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Want to know how to make homemade detergent? Read on and take note of the steps to prepare a very effective one.

Making your own detergent at home has many advantages, such as saving money and the product you are going to use is totally friendly to the environment, as well as to people and animals in their environment. There are many cleaning products you can make at home.

What do you need?

  • 75 gr Marseille soap
  • A glass of baking soda
  • Litre and a half of hot water
  • Essential oils to taste to determine its aroma (citrus or lavender the most recommended)

Steps to making homemade detergent

The first thing you have to do is prepare the soap by making shavings. You can use a kitchen grater, or even the shredder.

Place the grated soap in a container that can be hermetically sealed, such as a túper or a bottle.

Add the baking soda to the bowl and mix both ingredients.

Little by little, add a litre of water to the mixture of soap and baking soda. Do it slowly so that the baking soda doesn't generate too much foam and spills out.

Once you have all the ingredients, close the bottle so that they integrate well. Shake hard and you'll be able to complete the process faster.

When the ingredients have dissolved and mixed well, add the missing half litre of water. It's also time to add the drops of the essential oil you want to use to smell the garments.

Shake the bottle again to mix everything and let it rest for a week before use. This resting time is very important for the household detergent to have the right texture.

There is no doubt that making detergent at home is a great idea, an ecological and anti-allergic product that will be perfect for washing your clothes.

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