How to make homemade ice cream in 5 steps

Homemade ice cream

There’s nothing like doing things yourself so that they go exactly the way we want.

Ice cream is no exception to this rule, and the best of all is that you can adapt to whatever you prefer at any time: if one day you feel like the summum of creaminess, you can do it, if you feel lighter, too. And if you opt for a sorbet, go ahead!

How to make homemade ice cream
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In addition, it will always be healthier than what you can find out there, because you can choose quality ingredients and avoid the additives usually found in industrial ice cream.

Although sugar is a key ingredient in the preparation of ice cream (it not only sweetens, but also lowers the melting point: the longer it takes to freeze the mixture), we can replace it with other, less harmful ingredients.
Shall we take it step by step?

A good base

That’s right, sometimes the key to everything is on the base. It’s what will give consistency to your ice cream, you add the star flavor later.

You can make your base with yogurt, which has a mild, neutral taste and also allows you to play with the textures: Greek yogurt will provide extra creaminess, and with a lighter one you’ll get an ice cream that’s less caloric and lighter.

Stir the yogurt until it is loose and homogeneous, and put it to freeze. For the most greedy, you can try adding a little honey. 馃檪

If you prefer a full fruity ice cream, a good base is the banana, because it is a sweet fruit, but with a flat taste and that pastes well with anyone. All you have to do is choose ripe bananas and freeze them in slices.


What do you want your ice cream to be? Strawberries, mango, raspberries, so there’s no choice! Choose the fruits you want, cut them into pieces, and put them in the freezer! We recommend that you split enough for several times, but give yourself time to consume in a week.

Beat that beats

It’s time to mix the base you already had prepared with the chopped and frozen fruits. Beat it with a mixer, Thermomix, whatever you have: no excuses! You have to try to make the texture creamy, but without passing us (unless you want a shake), and this will depend on the machine we use … We have to find the right point!

Chef’s Touch

We’re almost there. Now it’s your turn to choose sides: are you a fan of traditional ice cream? Add pure coconut milk to your mix, it’ll be creamier. In love with the sorbet? Add some juice or infusion that you think combines with the flavor of your ice cream.
Normally the ratio is: 100 grams of cold liquid for every 400g of frozen fruit.

And the toppings?

Yeah, we love them, too. It’s time to transform your work into a fantasy: free will. How about blueberries, walnuts or dark chocolate cakes? 馃槈

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