How to make your baby happy from your mother’s womb

Baby Happy

Although it’s still a few months before your baby is in your arms, many of the things you do during these nine months of pregnancy can cause very pleasant feelings in your baby.

Depending on the things you do during the sweet wait, your little one may feel different stimuli and communicate with you from the womb to express everything that makes you feel good.

If you had the opportunity to see it inside your belly, you would realize how incredible is its ability to use its body language and natural physiological reactions to explain to you, with some small signs what it likes and dislikes about the things you do, while your baby is growing and developing.

So you can make him happy and increase his well-being long before he’s born. Find out which behaviors and habits have produced the greatest sensations of well-being and happiness for your baby since pregnancy.

Since pregnancy mothers can already make the baby happy

10 Ideas to make your baby happy before birth

Your baby is capable of feeling thousands of sensations before many of the things you do during pregnancy. Discover which of your daily habits, behaviours and habits can increase your well-being and pleasurable sensations so that you can practice them on a daily basis. We share ten ideas to make the baby happy even before birth!

  1. Let mom eat something sweet

The taste for sweet starts from mommy’s belly! From the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby already has the ability to differentiate the types of flavors it absorbs through amniotic fluid. However, the neonatologist at the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Madrid explains that “I appreciate sweet and salty tastes innate, but bitter and acid are not”.

Your baby can differentiate different kinds of flavors from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards.

When you eat something sweet your baby swallows the amniotic fluid quickly, but if you drink something citrus such as orange juice for example, he closes his mouth immediately. But not only does the taste of food help stimulate you, so do the odors you get from the amniotic fluid found in your nostrils. In fact, many of the baby’s responses may be more due to the memory of some smells.

Indulge your baby by eating a little more sweet flavors like chocolate!

  1. Speaking to him often so that he hears your voice

Among the ideas for making your baby happy, talking to him is one of the most effective. Sounds and music can be very stimulating for babies, but when they hear their mother’s voice (the sound your baby is most capable of feeling next to your heartbeat), it is transmitted quickly without any kind of interference through the spine.

The excitement your baby feels at hearing your voice is unparalleled, as a Queen’s University of Canada study showed. In the tests, they discovered how babies increase their heart rate when they hear their mother’s heart rate compared to the voices of others around them.

Since the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby is able to recognize its mother’s voice.

  1. When you relax

Relaxing during pregnancy is one of the most important ideas to make your baby happy. In addition to making you feel full, practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation help the uterus provide a better space thanks to the postures you adopt when practicing it.

When you relax during pregnancy, you will transmit feelings of tranquillity and peace to your baby.

In addition, you will increase the supply of oxygen to the baby and transmit feelings of tranquillity.

You can take a few minutes a day to take a deep breath, lie down for a while and visualize your baby.

  1. To caress your belly

Did you know that touch is the first sense the baby develops inside the uterus? Since you start the eighth week of your pregnancy, your baby can already experience sensations in his mouth and gradually increase this sensitivity in the rest of his body, such as the palms of his hands, his feet, the belly, etc.. Once you reach 32 weeks, your baby will have this fully developed sense.

Caressing your tummy is one of the many activities that make the baby happy during pregnancy and that you can do to stimulate it.

For this reason, caressing your tummy is one of the many ideas to make your baby happy that you can do to stimulate him and provoke in him much curiosity to follow the movement of your hand and give you kicks.

Here you can find more prenatal stimulation ideas to connect with your baby.

  1. Dancing, dancing and dancing

As with any physical activity you do during pregnancy, dancing is extremely beneficial and undoubtedly one of the most fun ideas for making your baby happy. Although it should be smooth, with no jumps or sudden movements, the rhythmic steps of the dance function as a kind of cradle for the baby, especially if they are enjoyed by the mother.

During pregnancy the soft dance functions as a kind of cradle for the baby.

Don’t stop enjoying the music and dance in your pregnancy.

  1. Listen to music

The baby loves music, in fact from the 16th week of gestation and is able to hear everything quite well, especially the lows. If you listen to the same pieces of music every day, your baby will learn to recognize them quickly, something that gives her peace of mind both during pregnancy and after birth.

Receive a relaxing massage

Relaxing massages are not only an excellent idea to pamper them, but also a great way to convey a great feeling of well-being to the baby.

As well as helping to alleviate some discomforts typical of pregnancy, such as back pain, leg swelling, among others. Massages can help stimulate the glandular system, that is, the area of the body that is responsible for balancing hormones and ensuring the proper flow of nutrients between mommy and baby.

ailar, not only are you providing oxygen and increasing your heartbeat and you’re increasing your feelings of well-being.

Massages during pregnancy are wonderful, but they are not always recommended in the first trimester.

  1. Having sex with Dad

As you and your partner should know, intimate relationships are not forbidden during pregnancy. In fact, the opposite is true, because anything that gives you pleasant sensations will also be pleasant for the baby. Although it sounds strange, having sex counts as one of the best ideas to make the baby happy inside the womb.

The idea is to find comfortable postures so that by increasing your heart rate during this intimate time, you can promote your baby’s oxygenation and release endorphins that do you and your baby so much good.

  1. Walking in the open air

Walking or hiking outdoors not only helps to clear your mind, but also helps to increase your blood oxygen and serotonin levels, which can certainly be very beneficial for your baby. But in addition to the rhythm of the steps, the sun can be a great stimulus for him.

From the fourth month your eyes are already formed, but it is not until the 26th week that you can begin to open them.

For this stage, the uterus has distended and the light is already able to pass through it more easily, so your pupils will open and close according to the intensity of the clarity.

To expose your tummy to the sun undoubtedly enters in the list of ideas to make the baby happy, because it is a stimulus that he likes very much.

If you try to place the light of a flashlight on your tummy, he will try to follow it with his gaze and even touch it with his little hands.

  1. Avoiding stress

During pregnancy it is normal to feel more nervous and worried than usual, because it is a new experience full of emotions, but when your stress levels are very high and last for a long time, your baby could also be affected.

Stress is not on the list of ideas to make your baby happy, in fact it will only provoke you:

  • Increased risk of infection: With stress you become weaker and are more vulnerable to contracting infections such as urinary tract infections that could jeopardize the good course of your pregnancy.
  • Emotional problems in your child: High levels of cortisol, one of the hormones related to stress, cause children to have emotional problems from an early age, at least 10%.
  • Possibility of low birth weight: When you are under a lot of stress, your nervous system secretes epinophrine and norepinephrine, hormones that can contract the blood vessels and consequently reduce the supply of oxygen to the baby. This reduction can cause you to be born underweight.
  • Little response to stimuli: When babies are subjected to high levels of stress within the womb, they show very little response to stimuli, which interferes with their development.
  • Try to relax and avoid stressful situations as much as you can!
  • As you can, having a healthy, positive and joyful pregnancy is the key to making your baby happy, even before birth. Just by following these simple ideas throughout your pregnancy, you’ll increase your baby’s well-being and start enjoying life from the inside of your belly!
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