How to Make Your Own Glycerin Soap

Anything you can do with glycerin

Glycerin is mainly used in the cosmetic industry, but it is also an excellent natural cleaning agent. It is odorless and has a sweet and mild flavor with a syrupy consistency. It can be used at home and in the garden for plant care.

soap with glycerin

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It is possible to make a homemade soap with glycerin and a microwave. This is how it is done:

  1. Take 250 ml of glycerin, or the desired amount depending on the size of the soap.
  2. Add drops of dye or perfume to the liquid.
  3. Pour the glycerin into a soap or candy mold. If you do not have the equipment, fill the bottom of a polystyrene cup with a margin of 2 centimeters. Let it harden for 30 minutes.

In addition, to avoid throwing away the remains of soap, just mix them with a little glycerine and crush them with warm water. Pour the mixture into a bottle to make a homemade liquid soap.

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  1. It is possible to make a homemade soap with glycerin and a microwave. This is how it is done:
  • Prepare homemade detergent with glycerin
  • Loosen doors and locks with glycerine.
  • Remove all types of stains with glycerin
  • Using glycerin in the garden
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  • Prepare homemade detergent with glycerin

    Glycerin can also be used as a liquid dishwashing liquid, but it must first be converted into a liquid detergent. To do this, you need to have..:

    • An empty bottle of dishwashing liquid
    • 1 cl liquid mint soap
    • 2 cups of water
    • 1 teaspoon of glycerin
    • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
    • Mixer

    Preparation method :

    1. Clean an old bottle of dishwashing detergent.
    2. Pour 1 cl of liquid mint soap into the container and add 2 cups of water.
    3. Add a teaspoon of glycerin to the bottle, and then add 5 drops of lavender essential oil.
    4. Mix the four ingredients and close the bottle.

    This mixture can be used for washing dishes and does not present any health risk.

    Loosen doors and locks with glycerine.

    Glycerin can be used to lubricate door hinges to make them easier to open. It can also be used to eliminate any squeaking that may occur over time. It is also possible to open an old door lock with glycerin. If the key does not fit properly, simply pour some glycerine on it and it will slide easily into the lock hole. Being an excellent cleaning agent, this product can also be used to clean the channels of windows and sliding doors that often accumulate dust.

    Remove all types of stains with glycerin

    Glycerin is an excellent natural stain remover. It softens hardened stains as well as older stains.

    • Coffee stains

    To remove a fresh or old coffee stain on the fabric, simply immerse it in cold water and add a few drops of glycerin. Then wash as usual with a laundry detergent.

    • Old stains

    To clean an old stain, simply mix glycerin and warm water in equal parts. Leave the stained garment to soak in this solution for one hour and rub it gently with your hand. Finally, wash and rinse with plenty of cold water.

    • Mustard stains

    If the mustard stain is old, start softening it with glycerin by soaking the cloth in warm water containing glycerin for about 30 minutes. This will release the mustard residue into the fibers and make cleaning easier.

    • Tar stains

    It is not easy to remove a tar stain, but it is possible with glycerin. To do this, there are a few steps to follow:

    1. Pour a few drops of glycerin on the stain.
    2. Leave it for an hour.
    3. Then, using a paper towel, gently rub the dirt away.
    4. Repeat the process until no traces remain.

    Using glycerin in the garden

    Glycerin is a sweet non-toxic compound that is generally used in cosmetics. In addition to its use in cosmetics and at home, it can also be used in the garden.

    The soil contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria that need glycerin to grow. This compound improves their metabolism. Glycerin, on the other hand, contains glycerol, which is a source of carbohydrates. This allows it to produce ethanol, butanol, propanediol and acetic acid.

    Many strains of bacteria use these elements as an energy source, which stimulates the division, differentiation, mobility and growth of cells. When soil bacteria grow, they improve plant health and enrich the soil.

    • Provide the flowers with the necessary nutrients

    Natural flower bouquets can be preserved longer by using glycerin. This is even one of the best ways to preserve flowers and prevent them from fading. To do this, simply place the collected flowers in a vase filled with water and glycerin. This solution will provide them with all the nutrients they need to survive.

    • Accelerate germination

    The seeds of some plants can take a long time to germinate. To accelerate their germination, simply dip them in a mixture of glycerin and water before sowing. Besides accelerating the germination process, glycerin also provides the seeds with essential oils and alkaloids that will improve their health.

    • Stimulate plant growth and productivity

    Glycerin not only accelerates germination, but also promotes rooting. This natural product contains indol-beta-acetic acid, which helps plants develop healthier and stronger roots, increasing their productivity.

    To promote the growth and productivity of the plants, add 10 ml of glycerin to 1 l of water and moisten the foliage with this mixture. This solution improves the quality of the plants and provides the necessary nutrients for their development. In addition, it preserves nitrogen and phosphate in the soil while increasing organic matter. It can also be used as a fertilizer activator.

    • Soil moisture retention

    This is one of the biggest advantages of using glycerin in the garden. This compound allows the soil to retain moisture, which promotes plant growth.

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