How to measure car oil

How to measure car oil

It seems like a joke, but there are people who need help to perform this task correctly.

The engine must always be well lubricated for proper operation and you will even reduce fuel consumption.

How to measure car oil

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However, many people need to ask for help when doing it, but not anymore, because now we explain you step by step how to do it.

– Check the oil level when the engine is cold and on a flat surface.

– To raise the chest and to look for the rod of the oil, usually is in a visible place, normally they are of yellow color and they say “oil”.

– Pull the rod, wipe it with a cloth or dry paper and put it back in place.

– Pull the rod again and pull it out completely.

– The rod has two marks, one of maximum and one of minimum. Your oil level should be between these two marks, preferably closer to the maximum line.

– If the level is closer to the minimum level line, as a precaution you should go to your mechanic to get more oil.

Keep in mind that new cars hardly use any oil and that the level is always the same, but in old cars as a precaution you should check the oil level every week.

Everything you need to know about motor oil

We clear up doubts with these myths and truths about lubricants

In the automotive market (and in facets of our life) there are many premises that are usually given as valid, either by the information that goes by word of mouth or because over time are fixed in most users by the wrong “common sense”.

For this reason we decided to clarify those that refer to the engine oil once and for all.

Is it the same to use any lubricant?

If we are talking about viscosities and components, we must say that each lubricant is different. Each is composed of different types of bases and additives that give it various properties for various uses.

Let’s keep in mind that not all cars are the same. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the advice and recommendations of the manufacturers, and when choosing, always respect the viscosities indicated by them.

What if I change the oil mark on my car?

As long as the viscosities and technical characteristics are respected, the change of brand must not influence the final result. All oils of different brands but equal components and equivalent viscosity are compatible.

If the car doesn’t consume oil, does that mean it works perfectly?

Careful with this, it’s a fallacy. It is normal for the vehicle to run out of oil. If the levels don’t drop at all, it can mean that something is wrong with the engine.

For example, one of the causes could be gasoline in the oil. Maintaining regular lubricant replacement and consulting a specialist is the best advice for this case.

“The important thing is to change the oil, to change the filter is indistinct”

The function of the filter is to retain impurities that may form in the lubricant. If the filter is not in optimum condition, all or many particles of soot or dirt are likely to “swim” in the oil, which in the long run will damage the engine parts.

Should any extra additives be added to the lubricant?

If the oil used in the car is the one indicated by the manufacturer, adding extra additives could even be harmful. Every lubricant is tested before it is put on the market to make it specific and appropriate for each different class of vehicle.

“If we use high-quality synthetic lubricants and use the vehicle sparingly, oil changes should not be as frequent.”

This statement is not true and is false, since engines that do not reach the right temperature for having little use end up forming undesirable deposits that can cause the combustion system to fail.

“It is only necessary to measure the oil level when the indicated mileage arrives. Before, it is not necessary”.

This is a bad habit. If we get used to this practice, we run the risk of seriously damaging our vehicle. We should get used to checking the level periodically, especially before making long journeys because, if there is a leak that we do not perceive, we could cause serious damage to the engine.

If after a while the oil becomes blackish, does that mean it is no longer useful?

Although this belief is widespread as certain, the time when the lubricant is dyed black is when it is at its best, as it is cleaning the engine and releasing it from the soot produced by combustion. This carbon residue is dragged by the oil to the filters, where it deposits them. Once the waste has been stored, our machine is free of deposits.

“Oil has no influence on consumption.”

Absolutely false. The function of the oil is to keep the engine clean and lubricated. Therefore, if low-sulphur fuel is used, the lubricant will be cleaner, last longer, and so will the engine.

Is there any oil that won’t wear out?

Unfortunately not. When the vehicle operates at high temperatures the oil thickens and oxidizes. In addition, there comes a time when it is heavily loaded with soot or charcoal. It is time to change it to avoid future and more serious damage.

Can mineral oils be mixed with synthetic oils?

Only in cases of extreme necessity. Synthetic oils are of superior quality, so mixing the two would create an imbalance between the components.

This could lead to loss of functionality, viscosity and additives in the lubricant used, resulting in poor lubrication.

“The lubricants for motorcycles and cars are the same.”

They are actually similar, but they do not meet the same characteristics. Both have different additives that make them specific to their different uses. Using one where the other should be used can cause engine failure.

“In old engines you can use any lubricant.”

It’s not like that. Older cars with current maintenance should use the same lubricant recommended in the vehicle manual.

If the car has a lot of mileage and does not cloud or burn oil, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Beyond these statements, the important thing is to change the oil on a regular basis, as this reduces the friction in the engine getting the proper performance. Choosing environmentally friendly products is essential.

Did these tips help you? Tell us about your experience.

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