Tips to Meditate in a Minute

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  1. How to Meditate
    1. Now give your attention to the thoughts that you can meditate on.
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How to Meditate

Most people do not know how to meditate. They do not manage to have a calm mind, always agitated by the endless waves of thoughts.

That is why many are attracted to meditation to find solutions that can not be found with a non-peaceful mind.

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Respect yourself, respect others, and take responsibility for all your actions.

In this sense, meditation can help us heal afflictions at the level of the body and the mind, significantly improve our quality of life and permit the connection with our internal source of happiness and peace.

The benefits that meditation has for helping both concentration and memory, for combating pain, for solving problems of insomnia and for heping us to maintain our present mental state, trying to avoid the painful feelings that some situations of the past produce or the anxiety that thinking about the future generates.

Familiarize yourself with your senses: observe what you smell, what you hear, what you taste in your mouth, if you feel cold or hot if it's windy. Now take your mind into your body.

Now give your attention to the thoughts that you can meditate on.

  • It is not necessary to seat yourself in the classical position, on top of a cushion with your legs crossed. Just sit with your legs firmly planted on the ground.
  • Raise your head, thinking that you want your brain to make a connection with the universe.
  • Place your hands in a symmetrical form and hold still. You can fold them in front or place them over your knees palms down or toward above.
  • Close your eyes, loosen your jaw and face muscles.
  • If you can, smile.
  • Begin to inhale and exhale through your nose. During that time, concentrate on just listening to that breathing.

During this minute, it is very likely that your mind will get distracted and start to think of other things. It is completely normal. When you notice it, simply bring your mind back to your breath.

When one minute has finished, open your eyes and analyze how you feel. Perhaps a little refreshed, a little more awake and aware.

Concentrate your mind on thinking of the good things that are going to happen to you after having meditated and feeling more relaxed: you will be more kind, more creative, you will be more generous, you will make better decisions.

Think about how this will affect the people with whom you are in contact, from your family and friends to the person in the truck or the one who opens the door of your building.

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