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How to mount a processor quickly

The processor is one of the most important components of our system. If you want to save a few euros or have free time to set up your own PC, we recommend that you take a look at our tutorial on how to set up a processor quickly.

In it we will talk about how to install an Intel processor and AMD. Don’t miss it!

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The assembly of a processor is something very simple, since the manufacturers do everything possible to facilitate the work to the maximum.

However, you have to follow a series of steps to do it correctly, otherwise you can damage the motherboard or the processor itself and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

How to install an Intel processor

If we are going to change the heatsink of our PC, the first step to install a processor is to remove the motherboard from our chassis, although if our box offers enough space at the back (window where the motherboard is installed) will not be necessary, but recommended for a better installation.

In the case that it is a new assembly, we advise you to do it on a smooth surface and that allows us to have a good subjection of our base plate.

We’ll look at the motherboard and look for the socket. Once located, we will lift a metal lever that holds the CPU retention bracket on our base plate.

Once this is done, the CPU retention bracket will be free and you will be able to lift it with your fingers. As seen in the following image:

It’s time to install the microprocessor. But… How? Notice that your microprocessor has a small triangle-shaped mark on one of its corners.

You also have to realize that your motherboard will always tell you which is the PIN 0 with that mark. Now all we have to do is insert the processor into the socket.

It’s time to make sure that the processor is properly installed by sliding the notch into the end of the bracket and lowering the lever we have previously lifted. Automatically the plastic protector will jump shot and we will have well fixed our CPU.

What’s the next step? Apply thermal paste to our processor and install the dissipater in charge of cooling our microprocessor. In case you are with an LGA 1151 processor, they usually bring you a heatsink, but if this is not the case you have to buy one. We always recommend you to buy a quality one to have fantastic temperatures in our PC.

How to install an AMD CPU

AMD processors are PGA type (pins are built into the processor) while Intel processors are LGA (pins are on the motherboard). We are going to rely on the AM4 platform which are the quality-price processors since last year, i.e. our beloved AMD Ryzen. If we have an AMD Threadripper processor, we will have an LGA socket like the TR4.

First we locate the socket of our AM4 base plate and lift up the lever that is at the bottom of it. We’ll see that the plastic tray moves, it’s normal, don’t panic.

We’re not going to lose track of our processor, as we also need to locate the gold triangle in the lower left corner. We will look for the same notch in our motherboard and proceed with the installation as in the Intel processor.

We’ll lower the lever and we’ll have our processor. Again, we recommend you to apply quality thermal paste.

Unlike Intel processors, AMD usually equips very good heatsinks as standard. For AMD Ryzen 3 or APU we will do well with heatsinks of just 25 euros.

If you use the heatsink as standard, we recommend that you change the thermal paste that comes with a quality. Whether it’s Noctua, Corsair or MX4.

The motherboards used for Intel have been:

Last updated on 2019-05-01

While for the AM4 socket:

Last updated on 2019-05-01

Tips to always keep in mind

We have compiled some of the advice we always give our readers when they ask us on the web and in the forum:

Avoid stepping on any carpet or carpet with slippers, they are high conductors of static electricity.

Whenever you carry out any maintenance or assembly of PC, use a firm and flat surface. A table is always the best choice.

Do the maintenance in TIME, that is, if you go in a hurry, you can postpone it for another day. Hurry is not a good companion.

Buy a tube of quality thermal paste. It is never a bad idea to have a spare one, as every 6 months or 1 year the thermal paste has to be renewed. This guide will help you to know the steps of assembly and disassembly of the processor.

Do not use 96% alcohol, it is always recommended isopropyl alcohol that leaves no residue in the cleaning of the processor, dissipater or any component.

Mount a good heatsink to your processor, so you will have better temperatures, a better voltage (as long as the board does not do what it wants) and the longevity of your equipment will be greater.

If you have any questions, ask us, unlike other websites, we do respond 99% of comments.

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