How to Move or Resize a Partition

Move or Resize a Partition

The Resize or Move Partition function of EaseUS Partition Master allows you:

How to Move or Resize a Partition

Extend partition – expand system partition to maximize computer performance, solve the problem of low space on a given hard disk partition.

Reduce partition – manage disk space for different use.

Move partition – make the unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend.

How to resize partitions with EaseUS Partiton Master?

First download and install EaseUS artition Master Free on your PC.

When you want to resize (extend and reduce) an NTFS or FAT partition into a single hard disk or SSD, removable device such as a flash drive, memory card, there are three cases:

How to Extend a Partition 

If there is unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend? Follow solution 1 if present, otherwise go to solution 2. 

Solution 1 – Reduce a partition and enlarge partition C

Run EaseUS Partition Master.

Right click on partition D behind the system partition c you want to extend and select Resize/Move, drag the left border to the right freeing up space for partition C. Then click OK.

Repeat step 2 to extend partition C.

Click Run to complete the process.

Solution 2 – Extend partition C directly in case there is unallocated space around it

Run EaseUS Partition Master, right click on partition C and select Resize/Move.

  1. Drag the right edge of partition C to the right until it reaches the size you want, and then click OK.
  2. At the end you must apply the operations to complete the process by clicking Execute.

How to reduce a partition

Like extending partition C, click on the partition you want to reduce and select Resize/Move, then resize it by dragging its left or right border in one direction.

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