How to place a WhatsApp contact between mobile app icons

That’s how you create a shortcut and highlight your contacts to keep them closer at hand.

As with an item of clothing, a store or a website, all that huge and very long list of contacts we have in the SIM or smartphone memory, there are a few with whom we talk much more than the rest.

The advantage is that the app places them at the top of the list automatically, but the moment for whatever reason we spend a couple of days without talking to them and yes with others, then they will come down and we will have to scroll to find them.How to place a WhatsApp contact

Why not highlight them to have them always at hand, and faster? That’s how you can do it:

Turn them into Apps

No, it’s not that we can suddenly transform our partner or school friend into an application as such, but that recurring contact can be placed outside of WhatsApp between the icons of the rest of the apps.

In fact we can even bring it to the main screen, and have it between the agenda and the gallery of images and videos. The trick is to create a direct access to them, and it’s something that simple:

1- Open WhatsApp and enter a chat

2- Opens the Options list (the three dots in the upper right corner)

3- Click on the last option, ‘More’, and then on ‘Add Direct Access’. This way you will have an icon to place as prominent as you prefer, and giving it you will go directly to that conversation without having to open WhatsApp beforehand and choose it.

Customize notification and warning light

In the app you can customize various sections, such as adding custom tones, choosing the duration of vibration when a message or call is received, activating the option to display messages in pop-up windows or changing the color of the LED indicator light.

If we go to WhatsApp > Menu (the three dots)> Settings > Notifications, there we can adjust the notifications of messages, groups and calls.

But a change in this way would be general. We’re interested in doing it in a few contacts, so here’s the way:

1- Open WhatsApp and enter a chat

2- Opens the Options list (the three dots in the upper right corner)

3- Click on Personalized Notifications.

And once inside, select Custom Notif. Here you can change the already commented: notification tones, vibration, pop-up notifications and the color of the LED indicator light.

Use ENTER to send messages

For those who like to use WhatsApp quickly or are at a particularly hectic time that requires sending messages quickly, there is a method for this.

Normally, the mechanics of the app requires us to write a message and press the Send key to launch it in the conversation.

But there is a way to skip that step: configure the service so that the message is sent by pressing the Enter/Enter key on the digital keypad. This way they will be sent as soon as we give Intro and we won’t have to search for Send:

1- Open WhatsApp.

2- Go to Menu Button> Settings > Chats.

3- Check or uncheck the Enter option to send.

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