How to Prevent Allergies in Babies ?- Curious Answers To Simple Questions

Allergies in Babies

When you suffer from an allergy or know that your partner has them, it is almost certain that it will be passed on, genetically, to your children; but, it is not always the same factor that atfects them.

According to what an immunologist was telling me, I can suffer from allergic rhinitis, and my child can suffer from a food allergy.

Therefore, if you are about to have a baby, or you already have one and you want to prevent the greatest amount of harm, I’ll pass on some tips that have worked very well, for me.

Mother’s milk.

You have no idea what a support this represents, for a baby, in preventing allergies; it is simply amazing: its defenses will respond very well, during the time that you breast-feed.

Prolonged Lactation.

The recommendation is that only breastfeed for 6 months; but, the World Health Organization recommends it until age 9.

It sounds crazy, huh? Actually, not really, because if you can find the time and desire to breastfeed for as long as possible, it will increase your baby’s defenses and you will not suffer from allergies.

Exercise care in introducing new foods.

You have to follow the recommendations of the pediatrician “to the letter”: as to eggs, for example, when you introduce them, you will begin with the yolk, since egg whites are what contain more allergens (but always respect what is indicated – whether at 6, 8, or 9 months of age, follow it just so).

If you write about what irritates the stomach a bit, or what gives him hiccups, it is better to postpone this food for one month.

In children with parents who have allergies, you must sometimes wait a longer time to introduce new food than in a child who doesn’t have them, for example, strawberries are occasionally given at one year but it is better to postpone it until 18 months.

The paediatrician’s recommendations to you will be to avoid, where possible, places with a lot of dust and damp, especially in the first months of life, because their nostrils don’t yet have the small hairs that help to filter these potent allergens.

It will be recommendable that you change at least once per week his sheets and blankets of the crib and if you can vacuum the mattress, even better.

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