How to prevent hair loss with natural remedies

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  1. How to prevent hair loss
  2. Take care of your diet to strengthen your hair
    1. Combats hormonal causes
  3. Wash with natural products
  4. Three plant formulas against hair loss
    1. Henna mask
    2. Soap Stick Tonic
    3. Red quina cologne
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How to prevent hair loss

Don't resign yourself. Hair loss can be prevented with dietary measures and medicinal plants. We'll give you some formulas.

Self-esteem cannot depend on the abundance and beauty of the hair, but this does not mean that we do not care about losing hair.

How to prevent hair loss
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Often the problem can be remedied and it is worth paying attention if it responds to an imbalance of the organism that we can tackle in time.

Take care of your diet to strengthen your hair

Diffuse hair loss in women is often due to a temporary stress-related disorder or poor diet. In these cases hair loss is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as physical fatigue, discouragement and poor quality of sleep.

In order to preserve a healthy hair, it is necessary to avoid the ingestion of toxins (tobacco, alcohol and coffee), a diet with excess of sugars and refined or trans fats that hinder the arrival of blood to the root of the hair and favour the appearance of dandruff and itching.

All nutrients are necessary, but the following are especially important for the hair:

  • Proteins in general and especially the amino acids l-lysine, l-cysteine and methionine. To ensure that you get enough of them, eat protein foods, such as legumes and nuts, several times a day.
  • Vitamins of the B group, which in the vegetarian diet are found in legumes, whole grains (especially oats), nuts and green leaves.
  • Vitamin A, provided by carrots, vegetables and most yellow or orange vegetables.
  • Iron, which is found in sesame seeds, chickpeas or lentils, should be consumed along with a source of vitamin C to multiply the absorption of the mineral.
  • Sulphur is indispensable in the synthesis of keratin. It is found in whole grains, cabbages, leeks, garlic and onions.
  • Zinc is essential for the skin. Helps control dandruff and hair loss. It is found in pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, cashew nuts and hemp seeds.

When the loss is evident when combing your hair or passing your hand through your hair, it is advisable to stop possible deficiencies by taking foods with highly concentrated nutrients, such as brewer's yeast and sprouts.

Combats hormonal causes

Half of men suffer from alopecia at the top of the head due to hormonal and hereditary factors.

The plant Sabal serrulata can delay the fall by decreasing the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the prostate, a hormone that shortens the growth phase in the hair. The recommended dose is 160-320 mg daily.

For women with alopecia caused by estrogen loss, the plant dong quai and soy isoflavones are recommended to regulate the endocrine system.

Wash with natural products

The products used for hair hygiene are also important. In general, it is advisable to use products with organic or natural certification and to use them sparingly.

If you have greasy hair you can use a specific product or add a few drops of essential oil (rosemary, cedar or tea tree) to your shampoo. Massage as usual when washing and let it act a few minutes before rinsing.

Three plant formulas against hair loss

Henna mask

Powder of "neutral henna" root (Cassia obovata) does not dye, but tones the hair. Apply a mask made with 50 g of cassia root and boiling water. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pasta.

Soap Stick Tonic

Soapwood (Quillaja saponaria Molina) stops the fall. Dilute three tablespoons of soap stick in 250 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes and let cool. Strain, massage with the resulting soapy water and wait 5 minutes before rinsing your hair. Apply every day for one week and then every 7 weeks.

Red quina cologne

Macera 30 g of cinchona (Cinchona succirubra pavon) in 100 ml of rum for one month. Then strain and apply as a cologne that will strengthen the hair.

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