How to Read a WhatsApp Message Without It Appearing as Read

Hidden reading of a message without the double blue check is possible with these methods.

Since it went into service years ago, the WhatsApp app, which is used monthly by 1.2 billion users, uses three icons to indicate the sending and receiving status of a message.

Read a WhatsApp Message

A tick or popcorn means that the message was delivered to the server; two popcorn that the message has reached the recipient’s device; two blue popcorn that the message has been read.

Popularly known as double check, this method not only confirms, but often adds an element of pressure because the recipient has already read it and we await your response.

And though it may seem hard to believe, there are couples that have been broken by the blue double check and other WhatsApp elements like the last hour of connection.

Would there be any way to read a message from the app without it coming out that we’ve read it? Yes, there are several, and here are three of them.

Use a WhatsApp Widget

The most common example of widget in a smartphone is the one that tells you on the screen of the mobile weather and climate it does.

WhatsApp implemented its own Widget a long time ago, and in fact you can use it to read from the desktop of the mobile messages that have come to you without opening the app itself, and therefore without the blue confirmation.

To do this just click on the mobile screen in an empty space on the desktop and you will get the customization interface, with options such as wallpapers, change the grid of apps and icons, and the Widgets function.

There you will find widgets of the terminal and the apps you have installed, go to the end and you will see WhatsApp.

Reading confirmation OFF

You can directly deactivate the blue double check so that no one will know when you have read the message, giving you more privacy.

But watch out, in the same way that they won’t be able to see if you’ve read it, you won’t be able to see if a contact has read yours except if you’re in a group chat, since this option doesn’t disable Reading Confirmations for group chats or play confirmation for voice messages.

– Go to Settings by opening the top right icon of the three points vertically.

– Look for the Account section and then go to Privacy

– Underneath it all you will see the option to remove Reading Confirmations.

Activates the Popup Window

WhatsApp has several functions to notify a user that new messages have been received. And one of them is the pop-up window, a pop-up window that appears in the middle of the mobile screen when it is activated and you receive a message.

This window may appear when the mobile phone is on, off, including the lock screen. But the best thing is your personalization, since it can either be activated for all contacts by going to Settings > Notifications > Pop-up window, or only for those of us who are interested in seeing without activating the confirmation, which is known as personalized notification:

– Open the chat window of the contact to whom you are going to activate the pop-up window

– Go to the settings menu (the three vertical dots) and select see contact, or directly click on the photo at the top.

– You’ll see an option called Custom Notifications, hit it to activate it and choose the notification in a pop-up window.

With this, this particular contact will show you the messages where you choose, and you will be able to read them without the blue confirmation.

Additional form: the App Ssh

What we have told you before are functions integrated in the WhatsApp itself. But if you don’t want to configure them you can also use a second app for WhatsApp such as Ssh, whose main function is precisely that: hide the blue double check.

This way you can read the messages you have received safely and none of your contacts will know that you have read them.

Whenever you want you can open WhatsApp in the same way you always answer them, and only at this moment will you leave incognito mode and they will receive the blue double check, never before. It also serves to hide your last connection time.

Download Ssh App for Android

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