How to read a WhatsApp without appearing online

WhatsApp without appearing online

The world’s most popular app over Google Maps,Twitter, any social network or application, WhatsApp remains the queen of messaging, the favorite app for chatting through text, voice notes or video.

How to read a WhatsApp

And good proof of this is that when it stops working there is a global drama and an emergency situation that neither a global cataclysm.

It is the first app that is installed (if it doesn’t come by default) every time we change mobile, and is also the app that has joined more couples and also that has broken.

Read a WhatsApp without appearing ‘online

Reading a complete message that we have been sent to WhatsApp without having to enter and therefore without the double blue check is possible in many ways, and here we give three

 A- Using WhatsApp widgets

1 – We unlock the smartphone and go to the main screen of the desktop -where we usually have widgets like the weather forecast activated. The best thing is to slide your finger to one side to be on a completely clear page of icons.

2 – Now we make a long press on the screen. In this way we will get different options for configuration and customization. We’re interested in the one that says ‘Widget’. We give it and we go in.

3 – Depending on the apps and programs you have on your phone, you will see more or less pages of widgets. As they are usually sorted alphabetically, it is best to go to the last one at all, until we see WhatsApp.

4 – Now we’ll see several Widgets and icons inside this one. The one we are interested in is called WhatsApp and usually occupies a space of 4×2 according to Android. Keep it pressed and drag it to the empty page, because unlike an app icon that occupies a single box, this widget occupies 4 boxes wide by 2 high.

And that’s it. We already have the WhatsApp widget active and with it our trick. What will happen now when I receive a message? Then do the test and you will see that the widget screen will show the name of the contact and the whole message.

In fact if we receive several whatsapps from different contacts, they will all come out and you just have to scrollear a little.

The advantage is this way we don’t have to enter WhatsApp to read them since we do it through the widget, and therefore it won’t come out in the app or that we’ve read it or that we’re online or anything.

  B- Reading confirmation OFF

You can directly deactivate the blue double check so that no one will know when you have read the message, giving you more privacy.

But watch out, in the same way that they won’t be able to see if you’ve read it, you won’t be able to see if a contact has read yours except if you’re in a group chat, since this option doesn’t disable Reading Confirmations for group chats or play confirmation for voice messages.

1 – Go to Settings by opening the top right icon of the three points vertically.

2 – Look for the Account section and then go to Privacy

3 – Underneath it all you will see the option to delete the Reading Confirmations.

C- Activating the Popup Window

WhatsApp has several functions to notify a user that new messages have been received. And one of them is the pop-up window, a pop-up window that appears in the middle of the mobile screen when it is activated and you receive a message.

This window may appear when the mobile phone is on, off, including the lock screen. But the best thing is your personalization, since it can either be activated for all contacts by going to Settings > Notifications > Pop-up window, or only for those of us who are interested in seeing without activating the confirmation, which is known as personalized notification:

1 – Open the chat window of the contact to whom you are going to activate the pop-up window

2 – Go to the settings menu (the three vertical points) and select see contact, or directly click on the photo at the top.

3 – You will see an option called Custom Notifications, click on it to activate it and choose the notification in a pop-up window. With this, this particular contact will show you the messages where you choose, and you will be able to read them without the blue confirmation.

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