How to reboot a smartphone with a non-removable battery

How to reboot a smartphone

To the displeasure of some, it is very difficult at this point to buy a smartphone with a removable battery.

How to reboot a smartphone

All manufacturers opt for the unibody design that forever encloses the battery inside the device.

In the old days, when the phone was hung up, we could remove the battery, but now it's impossible. Don't worry, here are the key combinations to force the restart of any smartphone.

NOTE: In this article we do not refer to what is commonly referred to as a forced restart, i.e., forcing the phone to turn off and on again in the event of a lockout.

If you are looking for how to do a soft reset or hard reset you can consult the following article:

Forced restart in Samsung Galaxy

To be able to restart a Samsung smartphone we have to keep the power button pressed and the volume down button between 7 and 12 seconds (depending on the device). On some Galaxies you may also need to press the Home button.

Some devices restart automatically but others enter the Boot Mode maintenance menu, as in most S8s.

If this menu appears with the volume keys we can go up and down. Select the Power down option and press the start or power button to confirm.

Forced restart in Pixel and Nexus

To force a restart on a Google terminal, either the acclaimed Nexus or the new Pixel, the power button must be held down for about 10 seconds. When the screen turns off, you can turn it back on normally.

Forced restart on iPhone

The soft reset on the iPhone is done in a similar way to the old Samsung Galaxy. We have to press the low start button to the screen and the power button on the side of the device.

We'll hold them for about 10 seconds. It will turn off and after a few seconds it will restart.

Forced restart in Huawei/Honor

Huawei terminals can be manually reset by pressing and holding the power button for ten seconds, in a very similar way to Pixels.

Forced restart at BQ Aquaris

BQ devices can boast of having the purest Android, and as such the forced reboot process is very similar to that of Google devices.

For most current BQ Aquaris smartphones, simply press the power button for more than 10 seconds. In some models we will also have to press volume down.

Forced restart in LG

On LG devices, restart by pressing and holding the following combination of buttons: power on and volume down for several seconds.

First a screenshot will be taken but we must not release. After about seven seconds, a countdown appears, alerting us that the device is going to restart. Releasing the buttons will cancel the restart.

Forced reboot on Sony Xperia

To reboot a device in the Xperia Z line you need to press and hold the power button for about six seconds until the phone vibrates once and then release the button to reboot.

If on the other hand what we want is to turn off the device definitively after the first vibration we should not release the start button until the phone vibrates three times.

Forced restart in HTC

HTC phones are restarted by holding down the power buttons and turning up the volume for about ten to fifteen seconds. After this, the terminal will restart.

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  1. How to reboot a smartphone
  2. Forced restart in Samsung Galaxy
  3. Forced restart in Pixel and Nexus
  4. Forced restart on iPhone
  5. Forced restart in Huawei/Honor
  6. Forced restart at BQ Aquaris
  7. Forced restart in LG
  8. Forced reboot on Sony Xperia
  9. Forced restart in HTC
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