How to record a call with your mobile phone step by step in an easy way

How to record a call

To record a call with your mobile, an appropriate application will suffice, whether you have an Android mobile phone or an iPhone terminal.

How to record a call

Recording a call with your mobile is becoming easier and easier, so if you want to record the call of a specific person or you need to record the call for journalistic purposes you can follow the step-by-step guide below in which we explain how to record a call with your mobile.

To record calls with your mobile phone, both incoming and outgoing, you can use different options. Probably the simplest, most immediate and effective solution is the possibility of installing an application than the task of acting as a call logger so let’s see how we can proceed.

Steps to record a mobile call

Before following these steps, we recommend that you check if your smartphone has an integrated call recording function, such as on phone models such as Asus or Xiaomi.

If so, it is most likely that when you make or receive a call, you will see on the screen of your device a red button that says “Rec” and that will automatically allow you to record the call.

Otherwise you will have to resort to external applications. One of the best is undoubtedly Call Recorder which you can download for free from the Play Store for all Android-equipped phones in version 4.0 or later.

Once the installation is complete, Call Recorder will ask the user to grant a series of permissions that the application will use to access, for example, the microphone and calls. To activate the Call Recorder functions, simply enter the application and activate the option called “REC enabled”.

With this option enabled, all calls (incoming or outgoing) made with the phone will be recorded and related audio files will be stored in the device’s internal memory. A specific icon located in the top bar will warn the user, during a call, that the registration is currently in progress.

Directly from the application menu it will also be possible to listen to the recordings you have just made, add notes to a single file (for example, to indicate the subject of a specific call) or even configure specific filters to show only certain recordings.

As for iPhone users, they have the option of TapeACall, an application that allows them to record the first 60 seconds of a call in the free version. In the paid version, available at a cost of 9.99 euros, on the other hand, it guarantees the user the possibility of recording any call.

Once the application is installed and the service is activated, just open TapeACall and select the red circle icon in the center.

At this point, you must choose Other call and then enter the phone number of the person you want to register (or select the contact from the address book list).

Once the call has started, after the user has answered, press the button to start recording. At the end of the call, to stop recording, simply press the red button with the handset on the phone.

For incoming calls, on the other hand, you can activate the log after answering the call. To start recording, in fact, it is necessary to start TapeA Call and press the red button located in the center. You must then select the Combine option to start the recorder.

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