How to record Android screen

Part 1. How to connect an Android device with Android Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery

After installing Android Data Recovery on your PC, double-click the shortcut icon to start it. Select “Android Screen Recorder” from all the options.

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Step 2. Connect your Android device to your PC

Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your device. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions below to enable USB debugging.

For devices with Android 4.2 or higher.

For Android 3.0-4.1 devices.

For Android 2.0-2.3 devices.

If your device has Android version 4.2 or higher, you will be prompted to Allow USB De-purification. Just click Allow in the message that appears on your Android phone.

In a few seconds, Android Screen Recorder will connect and recognize your Android device successfully.

Part 2. How to reflect and record the Android screen on the PC?

Step 1 Reflect Android Screen on PC

After the device is successfully connected, Android Screen Recorder will automatically project the Android screen. Every time you do something on the Android screen, you’ll also see the same action on your PC. Plus, you can use your mouse to control everything on your Android device.

Step 2 Record the Android screen from the PC

If you want to record any Android game, video or action on the Android device, just click the Screen Recorder button, which is above the Settings button in the navigation bar on the right.

A dialog box appears to confirm the saving. Click Start Now, from that moment Android Screen Recorder will start recording everything on the Android screen.

You will be able to see the time being recorded, and click on the red button to stop the recording.

The recording will then be automatically saved to your computer.

You can also change the storage location from Settings -> Record Settings.

Part 3. How to reply to Android messages on the PC?

Step 1. After your Android phone is connected to Android Screen Recorder, you will have access to any social and instant messaging applications on the phone.

Step 2. Click with the mouse on the social application or instant messaging application to open the application. Then you can use the keyboard to send and answer messages from the PC.

Part 4. How to make a screenshot in Android from the PC?

After your Android phone is connected to the Android Screen Recorder, click the Screenshot button and take a screenshot of your Android screen.

Once you click Screenshot, the screenshot image will appear. Select the save button and save it to your computer.

You can also click the Rotate button to rotate the screenshot before saving it.

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