How To Recover Formatted Hard Disk Files

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  1. Recover Formatted Hard Disk Files
    1. Is it possible to recover files from formatted hard disk?
    2. Steps to recover files from hard drive formatted with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
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Recover Formatted Hard Disk Files

"Last week I was editing my daily report that offers help to clients to improve the knowledge of our course.

Recover Formatted Hard Disk

I had been working on this for 3 hours and when I was almost ready I pressed the "Yes" click button without thinking about the moment when the warning message jumped from my laptop asking if it formats my disk, and the result was that my report disappeared and now I urgently need it. Is there a quick way to recover a formatted hard disk?"

The above mentioned real case occurs frequently in the daily life and bothers a lot the users who lack the knowledge to back up regularly. Formatting hard disk means that all files on it will be formatted. Here we will explain in detail about this topic. 

Is it possible to recover files from formatted hard disk?

What is formatting? In general, formatting is a process of preparing a hard drive or other storage medium for use, including setting up a file system.

There are two types of formatting, the formatting at high level and another at low level, between these types, can not recover formatting at low level but formatting at high level. 

After the hard disk formatting, the operating system sets FAT or MFT again on the disk. Why are the files not seen under Windows?

This is because MFT tells the operating system that the drive letter does not contain any files. However the archives still occupy there.

It's true that a data recovery service center helps you restore your formatted hard drive, but it always costs you a lot and consumes time, this way is really out of reach of many people.

In other words, it is not worth consulting a paid professional technician. In this case, a powerful formatted hard drive recovery software will be much more practical and efficient, as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, is able to help you recover files from a formatted hard drive easily and quickly.

You can first install it on your PC and try it to see if it will help you find the formatted files.

Steps to recover files from hard drive formatted with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


  • Start this EaseUS data recovery software after installation.
  • Choose the hard drive you accidentally formatted.
  • Click on "Scan".


  • Start scanning lost data all over the hard drive.
  • Over time you will see more data appearing in the scan results.


  • After the entire scanning process, you can search the data in each section, especially in "Partition Lost", especially serves to recover data from a formatted disk.
  • Select the files you want to recover and click the Recover button.
  • Select a different location from the original to save the recovered files.

Tips to help you find the data you want:

Filter: a quick way to search for desired files by different types.

Custom search: search directly for the file name or type.

RAW files: search for files that lose names or paths.

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