10 ways to recycle your tea bags

If you systematically throw away your tea bags, it’s a big waste! Like coffee grounds, used tea is a source of many benefits to the household, as well as to maintenance and cooking.

recycle your tea bags

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Therefore, recycling tea bags reduces waste and also helps to adopt ecological tips for your home. Here are the hidden properties of tea.

In the kitchen, we use the tea:

When cooked, meat can harden. To avoid this inconvenience, it is enough to make a tea marinade (without flavor and preferably white) in which the pieces of meat will be soaked. The tannin contained in the plant will soften your dish.

– To give flavor to your dishes

You can also put one or more tea bags in the water of the pasta or potatoes to give flavor to your side dishes.

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Get rid of bad smells from the fridge

Whether in a damp room of the house or in the fridge, the tea bags used are real collectors of bad smells, like loose tea that can be put in a cup (which will be changed every month or so).

Perfume your clothes

Although tea can eliminate unpleasant odors, it can also be used as a home fragrance like a lavender pouch. So you can hang a bag in a closet to deodorize your dressing room or put it on your sneakers, for example.

A natural fertilizer for plants

To better nourish your houseplants or those on your balcony without chemicals, opt for tea. Put your used tea bags directly on the ground and plenty of water. They will retain water and keep the soil moist longer while acting as fertilizer.

Clean your interior with tea

Tea, a very good degreaser

You may not have met him, but tea is also very effective for masonry in your home.

To shine a mirror or degrease dishes, it is a great ally.

Tea and wood are a good combination

Similarly, varnished wooden furniture or parquet will have a second youth if kept with water (now cold) in which a few tea bags have been made. A little cleaning with this solution and that’s it.

Making a period decoration

A decoration tip is to pass a black tea bag used in your photos, in Polaroid or classic format, to give them an irresistible sepia tone. You can then hang these old photos on small clothespins or hang them on the walls of a bedroom to create a retro universe.

Creating parchment sheets

Whether it’s for your children or to write nice letters, you can use used black tea bags to cover the theine paper sheets.

The result? By moistening and applying the bags to the paper (preferably thick enough), the paper will naturally turn yellow and curl a little. All you have to do is burn some of the corners of the paper with a lighter and you will get a beautiful scroll!

Cure the little bugs…

To soothe your child’s scratches or baby’s mosquito bites, don’t hesitate to apply used tea bags to the irritated area.

It’s an old and proven trick of the 100% natural grandmother. Tannin has healing properties and relieves itching.

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