How to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after childbirth

How to reduce stretch mark

Stretch marks are a real headache for pregnant women who fight them anyway, but after giving birth it is essential not to lower the alert, because although the skin will no longer stretch, it will begin to contract, which is also one of the causes of the appearance of stretch marks in your body.

Stretch marks occur when the collagen ducts present in the skin are broken creating furrows or cracks that are those we see reflected in the skin.

How to reduce stretch marks
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As long as the furrows have a reddish color they can continue to expand, when they become white they have finished their journey through the skin.

One point that is important to emphasize is that it is not only your belly the area where stretch marks could appear, but the legs and chest area are also key points that we must take care of.

The genetic factor also influences a lot, but with some advice you can make sure that none appears or that its presence goes unnoticed.

Tips for Reducing Stretch Marks After Childbirth

Here are some essential tips to prevent the appearance and reduce stretch marks after childbirth.

Moisturize your skin

The use of creams on the skin that is being stretched is very important to diminish the appearance of these annoying furrows.

In stores there are many formulas of creams created specifically for the reduction of stretch marks.

Look for creams that contain collagen, which is the main ingredient to prevent, stop or disguise the appearance of stretch marks in your body.

Add the cream twice a day, since its effectiveness will depend on the constancy of its use.

Drink plenty of water

A good habit that everyone should adopt is to consume two litres of water daily. This vital liquid has enormous benefits for your body and will keep your skin hydrated and dry.

In addition, drinking enough water will also help you regain your weight and is a great ally in increasing or maintaining the production of breast milk in your body.

The benefits of this liquid are as important for health as for external beauty. This is an excellent way to reduce stretch marks after childbirth.

Take care of your diet

Not only is it enough to buy the most expensive anti-stretch mark cream on the market and bathe in it every day, but it is also necessary to take care of what you eat and start to identify foods with high collagen content to introduce them regularly in your meals.

Vitamins A, E and C are also allied to maintain radiant skin, so don’t forget to eat them in food.

Oranges, peppers, strawberries, carrots, dairy products, olives and avocados are some of the foods that you should introduce into your diet. In addition, the consumption of fish and proteins will provide you with the ideal collagen needed to reduce stretch marks after childbirth.


In addition to helping you with those extra pounds you may have left after giving birth, exercising is also a good way to avoid or stop the appearance of stretch marks.

The reason for this is that maintaining a strong muscle tone makes it much more complicated for the skin to present these microrotures that cause the appearance of stretch marks.

Exercises should be started during pregnancy and continued after delivery. In this case you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations to make sure you don’t force your body too much.

Pampering Your Skin Helps Avoid Stretch Marks After Childbirth

In the fight against stretch marks not everything is bad, but can also be an excuse to relax a little and pamper yourself with a massage all over your body.

You can do it yourself or ask your partner for help, you can also go to a spa and ask for the best skin care treatment, we assure you that you will leave very relaxed.

It is also important to avoid direct exposure of the skin to the sun’s rays, as this increases the appearance of stretch marks by keeping the skin dry.

If you go to the beach try to sunbathe early in the morning or late in the afternoon, never at noon, as the consequences for your skin can be severe.

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