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Akismet, the effective plugin that comes by default WordPress to fight SPAM, and that is developed by the same company that our favorite CMS, Automattic, comes by default disabled, and to put it to work we have to get an API Key.

This process, which is free, is a bit convoluted if you don’t pay attention, so in the following steps I’m going to explain how to get the API Key from Akismet for free.

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Obviously, the first step is to go to the Akismet page, and click on the blue button that says “Get a WordPress key“.

When we have to choose the plan it seems that all of them are for payment, but if we look at the personnel one it puts that of 0$ – 120$ to the year. We choose that one if we don’t want to pay.

Now we will have to register in Akismet, so fill in the form with the data you request or select “I already have a account! “if we already have an account created.

Now is the time to enter your contact information and choose how much we want to donate. In the section “WHAT IS AKISMET WORTH TO YOU? ” we move the slider to the left, up to 0$. The face will be very sad, but we already know that we are in crisis and we have to save as much as possible.

We will also see how the form to introduce the credit card disappears.

By clicking “Continue“, we will be shown our API Key, which we have to introduce in our WordPress following the steps shown, and we already have working one of the best antispam filters there is for WordPress without spending a dollar.

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