How to relax. Tricks, advice and relaxation exercises.

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  1. How to relax
  2. Advice and tips for relaxing
    1. Breathing exercises to relax
    2. An afternoon without a cell phone.
    3. Relaxation massage with volcanic stones
    4. Other tricks and recommendations for relaxing
    5. A relaxing bath.
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How to relax

All people have gone through a stressful situation at some point in their lives. With a few simple relaxation tips you can control and relieve nerves.

In some people, stress can cause illness, depression, and other serious health problems.

How to relax

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That is why it is important to regularly provide moments of relaxation in our daily lives.

It is not always easy to know how to relax, learn to empty your mind and relieve daily stress.

Here you will find ideas and tips for relaxing.

Relaxing is positive for health, with these tips, stress will never be a problem again!

Put these recommendations into practice and try to relax your mind.

Advice and tips for relaxing

Breathing exercises to relax

"Close your eyes, take two minutes to breathe consciously, feel your belly move up and down during inspiration and exhalation, then gradually increase the amplitude of these two breathing movements.

This simple exercise helps focus and alleviate negative feelings.

This is the first thing I teach my patients during a relaxation session. "Helen Monnet, relaxation therapist, is the author of The 50 Golden Rules for Not Stressing,"

An afternoon without a cell phone.

"The first time, it gets weird. You're afraid of missing an important call.
Then you must think you're not an "emergency" firefighter either. You can wait a few hours.

Time for a Sunday walk in the countryside with your boyfriend/girlfriend, eating out or anything. May freedom disconnect you completely!

It is much easier to connect both without any screen in between.

Relaxation massage with volcanic stones

You can opt for a massage with hot stones, these are performed with volcanic stones and applying essential oils on the skin.

The combined effect of thermal rollers, essential oils and pressures made by the doctor allows you to overcome many physical problems and some psychological disorders related to stress.

For this type of massage, the duration of a session varies from one hour to two hours depending on the formula chosen by the patient.

The hot stone massage ends with a return of calm to allow the body to regain its normal temperature.

Other tricks and recommendations for relaxing

  • Sing

"Even if they have to endure your long vocalizations day after day. When they sigh, remind them it's for a good cause.

Singing, it's relaxing, it's the singing teacher who says it. To sing, abdominal breathing is used, the same used in relaxation.

  • A soothing aroma

A spray around you is like creating a little protective and soothing cocoon.

"But if your girlfriend wonders why her €50 bottle of perfume goes down so fast.

Use incense, aromatic candles and other products...

  • Caressing a cat

"It's like calm is contagious. A kitten can help you focus on more than just your problems during the first five minutes you spend when you get home from work.

  • Walk Back From Work

After an exhausting day's work, if you're okay, don't get on the subway and walk.

It will take a little time, but you can buy a loaf of bread along the way, a magazine for when you get home, etc...

A relaxing bath.

Eight drops of lavender essential oil, 8 drops of chamomile essential oil and 5 drops of marjoram essential oil.

It smells so good that my partner can't resist and joins me at all times!

  • A dance session

"To release the valuable endorphins that will help reduce stress, finally find a sport you like, a type of dance, whatever.

You can practice alone at home through YouTube tutorials. In addition to relaxing, you can impress more than one when you mark your steps.

  • A tea break

A Chinese tradition, tea time, a true Zen ritual.

Heat the water, put the leaves in the filter, let it be brewed and enjoy your tea ...

In stressful situations, I am in favor of lowering the caffeine varieties, better the long jing, a refreshing Chinese green tea and diuretic, or mu bai dan, an antioxidant white tea, I also love the Darya, a blend of 10 organic and caffeine-free vegetable benefactors.

I would buy them preferably in an herbalist, much better than supermarket brands.

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