How to remove a cement stain?

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  1. Say goodbye to cement stains
    1. In a garment
  2. On the tiles
  3. On a glass panel
  4. About the wood
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Say goodbye to cement stains

In a garment

If your beloved old jeans are covered in cement stains, the first thing to do is heat the stains with the hair dryer.

Place it about 20 cm away from the fabric for a few minutes.

cement stain

Photo Capri23auto in Pixabay

Using a spoon or butter knife, gently scrape off the cement stains. Previously heated, they will be easier to remove.

Then rub the area to be treated with a clean cloth generously impregnated with white vinegar.

Make sure the product penetrates into the heart of the fibers. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse. Then put the clothes in the washing machine, adding a glass of white vinegar to the dose of detergent in the drum.

On the tiles

To remove a cement stain on the tiles, start by scraping the tiles. To do this, preferably use a wooden spatula to avoid scratching the floor.

If there are any traces left, heat 50 cl of homemade vinegar for one minute in the microwave.

Soak the tip of a broom brush with this hot vinegar and rub it vigorously. Then rinse quickly to prevent the acidity of the vinegar from damaging your tiles.

On a glass panel

Cement splashes on one of your windows? Gently scrape off the excess material with a wooden spatula. Avoid any metal objects that could scratch the glass.

Then rub the cement stain with a clean cloth soaked in methyl alcohol, after having carefully read the precautions for use of the product.

About the wood

As with other materials, begin by gently scraping the cement with a wooden spatula.

Once most of the stain has been removed, heat 25 to 50 cl of white vinegar (depending on the surface of the area to be treated) for one minute in the microwave.

Then rub the cement stain with a clean cloth soaked in this hot vinegar. Then you just have to clean the stain with a final sponge and that's it!

For an impeccable result, if possible, apply a coat of varnish, wax or paint to the wood to restore its original appearance.

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