How to Remove Android Virus? & Elimination tips

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  1. How to Remove Android Virus
  2. Analyze the file with AndroTotal
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How to Remove Android Virus

The virus in a cell phone can be very harmful and not know it can have serious consequences. An infection can lead to identity theft.

Today the Internet has become so essential in our lives that it is no longer difficult to access a whole world of information.

How to Remove Android Virus

In the XXI century: if you do not find it on the Internet, it does not exist.

But so much information is not without risk. Many users with computer skills are eager to steal the information from your contacts on your phone to extort much later.

Hence, with thy free Android code, the risk is greater than ever.

The advantages of that in Android can be installed an application using .apk format are many.

The large number of applications that exist are very large and any of them may contain some type of virus, especially those that are free.

The vast majority of these applications are free, many times we want the free first-hand. And how to know if those apps have viruses?

With famous games coming out constantly on the net it is easy to download one to test it and then erase it, but just try it with a few minutes is enough to infect the cell phone.

Analyze the file with AndroTotal

There are several online websites in which you can use .apk to avoid problems.
One of them and maybe the most useful is AndroTotal.

The method cannot be simpler than uploading the .apk file to the page from our computer or our smartphone and will tell us if there are threats.

In case you have them, you should delete the file immediately and if you are still determined to install the app, look for a more reliable page.

Uses detection applications

In the Play Store, there are many apps to analyze your .apks. For example, we have Avast, which is free in the Google store. In un instante analyze your files to know if you should use them.

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