How to Remove Blood Stains

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  1. Home Tips for Quickly Removing Blood Stains
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Home Tips for Quickly Removing Blood Stains

Do you have bloodstained t-shirts and want to draw dried blood from your garment?

Your underwear and mattress have blood stains and you don't know how to remove it?

How to Remove Blood Stains

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Learn 10 homemade tricks to clean the blood out of clothes.

  1. A good household product for drawing blood from clothing is hydrogen peroxide. Rub a little hydrogen peroxide over the blood stain until the stain comes out. And if the amount of blood is enough, pour the hydrogen peroxide on the stained garment and remove the blood stain with a cloth.

You can also wash your clothes by hand and rinse with plenty of cold water. Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in fresh and dry blood stains.

Don't expect to wash the garment when you feel like it. Clean the blood stain as soon as possible. Never wash it with hot water, even if it seems to be a lie, hot water fixes the blood stain. Always wash your clothes with detergent or soap and cold water.

If you want to remove the blood stain quickly, add a little ammonia to the detergent. If some blood remains, add an aspirin to the rinse and let it rest for half an hour. Then wash as usual.

  1. To dissolve the bloodstain on the wool, mix cold water with an aspirin and let it act for a few minutes. This homemade trick is very effective for delicate garments such as wool.
  2. For dry blood stains, wash with cold water and vinegar. If the clothes are white you can soak them in water and bleach all night.
  3. If your garment is stained with blood and is not washable, a good trick is to make a powdered starch paste with a little water. Apply it on the stain on the reverse side. Soak and then brush the garment.
  4. Another homemade tip for removing dried blood from clothes with starch or cornstarch is to make a paste and rub the mixture over the blood-stained part, letting it dry until a crust forms. Finally wash with plenty of cold water. This trick is very effective on colored clothes.
  5. When the blood stain is fresh, wash with cold water and a little salt. In coloured clothes, wash the stain with an aspirin dissolved in water. Aspirin is a good home care product that is effective in removing blood stains.
  6. To clean the mattress with blood stains, rub a cloth with hydrogen peroxide on the stain, no matter if the blood stain is fresh or dry, and let it dry. Be very careful to spread the stain.

10. Starch is also effective for cleaning mattresses with traces of blood. Make a pastry like you learned and let it dry. Gently remove the stain.

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