How To Remove Chewing Gum Your Hair and Clothes 15 Homemade Tips

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  1. How To Remove Chewing Gum
    1. How to remove gum from clothing and hair.
    2. How to Remove Gum from Hair
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    4. How to Remove Gum from Clothing
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How To Remove Chewing Gum

The Chewing Gum is a very uncomfortable and desperate option when it is attached to clothing or hair and you do not know how to remove it.

You sat on gum? You don't have to worry, you can eliminate the gum with different tricks.

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In this post, you will learn how to remove gum from your clothes and solve this problem in your clothes. Do not throw it away or throw it away, use any of these methods to remove the gum.

How to remove gum from clothing and hair.

There are many ways to remove it, everything will depend on the gum some of them have very sticky chemicals and it is almost impossible to remove it.

If your child comes home with gum in his hair, or leaves a trail on the carpet, refrain from going for the scissors. Follow these tricks of Granny's.

How to Remove Gum from Hair

This is every woman's nightmare, as she can cut her hair on the affected areas.

Better try these tricks before you make a drastic decision.

Home Remedies for Removing Gum

  1. It is best to rub a generous amount of bath oil into the rubber, which should be softened to remove with the comb.
  2. Another way is to use olive oil on the hair, and rub it until it comes out.
  3. It also uses peanut butter, a classic solution. Its oil lubricates the hair which decomposes the gum.
  4. Ice. As on various surfaces, place an ice cube in the hair to freeze the cycle and then come out easier.
  5. Sodium bicarbonate with water is very good to remove. Soak it a little and if it still resists, add lemon to the baking soda to make a solution.
  6. Using mayonnaise, as greasy as it is, is also very good.
  7. Alcohol. Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and apply it to the gum until you remove it. Be careful because it dries the strands very dry. Then, a good cream bath is recommended.

Other very good tips:

  1. Hair Silicone. Apply a few drops on the gum and the area of hair where it is stuck, leave it to act for 1 or 2 minutes.
  2. Baby oil. The instructions are the same as with cooking oils, take the lock of hair with the gum and apply a good amount of the oil, leave it on for about 10 minutes.
  3. Alcohol, apply only in the area where the gum is and rub until it dissolves, once removed can dry the hair.
  4. Ice or dry ice, it's about freezing the gum, dry ice is better, but it's harder to keep on hand; once it's frozen, it comes off and is removed piece by piece. It is a slow and not very effective method.
  5. The best of all I have tried is the Castor Oil, it is the most used since my grandmother's time, let it rest for about 15 minutes and it will make your hair as good as new.

How to Remove Gum from Clothing

  1. If it was on the clothes and you're about to throw it away, try the following. The technique of freezing it. Put the garment in a zip lock bag to prevent it from getting wet and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. Then you can try to remove it with small pliers.
  2. Bring it to a boil. Immerse the piece of cloth with the gum in very hot water and let it stand for a few minutes. Try to remove it with a spatula or toothbrush.
  3. On a carpet, test the oil in a discreet area before applying to the stain.
    With a sheet of newspaper, we can place it on the stained part and then pass the hot plate over it. This way, the gum will stick to the newspaper.
  4. With acetone. Nail polish is used to remove it from your clothes. If used in large quantities it can discolor the fabric, use it sparingly.
  5. Vinegar works for almost all cleaning methods and acts in different ways on clothing. To learn how to remove gum from clothing with vinegar you must heat it in the microwave or in your vitro until it is about to boil. Wet the toothbrush inside the hot vinegar and rub the gum stuck to your clothes.
  6. Using the clothes iron, this method will not only remove the gum but will also prevent the garment from being ruined. Locate well the parts where it is stuck.

Maybe it's just in one area or maybe there are small pieces in several sectors. Plug in the plant and, as the temperature rises, place a cardboard in the gum area.

Turn the garment over so that the cardboard is on the ironing table. Pass the iron as usual and stay a few seconds where the stain is.

You may have to repeat it several times if it is too close together. The result is that the gum will stick to the cardboard and your garment will be clean and ironed.

  1. Place ice on the gum until it hardens, then you can remove it without problems.
  2. Another option is to apply gasoline to the stain, as it acts as a solvent, but be careful not to have any heat source nearby! Then wash regularly in the washing machine.
  3. If you're not convinced about the gasoline and the ice doesn't work, put some baking paper on the gum and pass the iron over it. In the heat, the gum will stick to the paper and disappear from the clothes.
  4. If any gum remains on the clothing after removing most of it, wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in turpentine. Then wash the garment in the washing machine in your usual way and you will see how it disappears completely.

When gum sticks to clothing, remove it immediately as it may melt too deep into the fabric fibers.


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