How to Remove Head Lice with Home Remedies

¿Te rascas la cabeza en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar?

Did your kids get head lice at school?

Do you want to get rid of lice and nits without using medicine?

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Here are the 4 home remedies to treat and eliminate head lice:

1) Olive oil

A very effective home remedy to remove lice from the head of a child or adult, is to use olive oil.

Before going to bed, massage the scalp with five tablespoons of olive oil and spread the oil over the entire head. Cover all the hair with a shower cap and let it rest until the next day.

With the help of a very fine comb, comb your hair to remove dead lice. Repeat this procedure three times a week to kill lice.

How does this homemade trick work against lice and nits?

Oil simply chokes or suffocates lice like their eggs or nits. Although this treatment does not seem pleasant, it is 100% natural and has the advantage of being very economical.

2) Mayonnaise

Another homemade type or alternative to olive oil against lice and nits is mayonnaise, which according to the same principle, chokes these parasites.

Because mayonnaise is viscous and greasy, it gives very good results in eradicating lice and nits.

Also, know that at the end of the treatment you will have shinier and stronger hair. It is also very good for dry and dyed hair. Follow the same procedure as number one.

3) Cider vinegar

An effective home treatment to eradicate head lice is also cider vinegar, because it is antibiotic and antiseptic, it fights head lice.

You only need to mix the vinegar with the juice of two limes, apply it to your head as if you were shampooing, and cover your head with a towel, wait four hours, and comb your hair to remove dead lice and nits.

4) Rue and avocado seeds

With rue and avocado seeds, you can also fight lice and nits.

You only need three ingredients: avocado seed, three leaves of rue and a cup of water.

With a hammer crush the seeds and boil them with the cup of water and the rue leaves for about ten minutes. Before applying it to your head, wash your hair as usual and then apply the preparation (warm or cold) with gentle massages.

Cover the head with a towel or plastic, wait at least three hours and then comb the hair to remove lice and nits.

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