How To Remove Home Warts Tips

Remove Home Warts Tips

Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma (HPV), some warts may cause pain and some may not.

However, its appearance and shape is very ugly for those who notice it. How to remove and cure skin warts with natural products?

How To Remove Home Warts

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Here we show you 7 homemade solutions to effectively disappear warts.

To combat warts naturally, cut a slice of onion and place it on the wart overnight. You can also grate an onion and soak a cotton ball in that liquid. Rub the onion or juice over the wart several times a day. The onion is a natural antibiotic, repeat this home treatment to disappear the warts of the skin without problems.

  1. A natural remedy for warts is the potato. Rub the wart with a potato slice several times a day. At night, grate a potato and put it on the wart. Cover it with gauze and plastic to secure it when you sleep. The next day, rinse and repeat the procedure. The potato bounces a special liquid that helps a lot in case of warts.
  2. A natural trick against warts is garlic. Cut a slice of garlic and put it on the wart. You can grind the garlic and apply it to the wart for maximum effect. Garlic such as onion have antibacterial properties, so it is very effective in curing warts. Be constant, be patient and you’ll see the results in a few weeks.
  3. Castor oil is another very effective home remedy against skin warts. Pour a little castor oil into a cotton ball and gently rub the wart for a few minutes. You can repeat this treatment several times a day and for weeks.
  4. Another homemade tip for disappearing warts naturally, is fig juice. Apply it to the wart several times a day to avoid scarring.
  5. Clove oil or vitamin E oils also have a good result for curing warts. Apply a little oil to the wart every day until the wart is gone.
  6. A homemade recipe against warts is to grate a potato and a ginger or kion. Put on the wart and cover the product so that it acts all night long. Repeat this natural remedy until the wart is removed.


Whenever you want to remove any wart from the skin, you must be careful because you can spread it to another part of the body. When performing these natural wart-removal treatments, protect your hands with gloves and disinfect your hands.

Warts are contagious, they are spread by skin contact, not by things that were touched by a wart, so be careful and protect others.

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