How to remove oil from the scalp

Remove oil from the scalp

There are products for the hair that if you do not use them correctly can spoil it, for example make it greasy, which can also happen depending on the conditions of your hair without a product affect more or less.

How to remove oil from the scalp
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Do you want to know how to remove oil from the scalp? Read on and take note of some home remedies to achieve this.

Home Remedies to Remove Scalp Oils

Talcum powder

It is one of the most effective tricks to eliminate oil from the scalp thanks to its composition, as it eliminates oil and gives the hair a cleaner appearance. Spread some powder on the roots, which is where the fat is most noticeable, and comb until the remains have been removed. If you have curly hair it is best to remove excess talcum powder with the dryer.

Dry shampoo

It’s a perfect choice when you want to keep it dry but it looks like you have it freshly washed. Apply as usual but without wetting the hair first, and has to be a valid shampoo to apply dry, not just any. Let it act for a few minutes and comb it out.

Tips to prevent hair from becoming greasy

  • Always wash with warm water and give it a good jet of cold water when you finish each wash. This will make your hair close pores and improve shine.
  • Try to avoid hot water in the hair, as it increases the production of fat.
  • Don’t spend too much time combing your hair, it stimulates the sebaceous glands too much and it will become greasier.
  • You shouldn’t touch your hair too much during the day, avoid it whenever you can, as you may have dirty hands and that causes fat to accumulate.
  • Avoid using the iron or dryer too much, as the heat they emit also favours the production of fat.

If you take good care of it, you’ll get your hair grease-free forever.

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