How to Remove Rust from the Toilet

Homemade tip to clean rust stains

How do I remove rust stains from the sink?

I’ve used different chemicals but the rust doesn’t come out.

Remove Rust from the Toilet
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Any homemade tricks to remove the stains?

Discover an easy trick to get rust stains out of the sink, toilet and tub.

All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of borax with the juice of one lemon. Apply the paste over the rust stain and wait a few minutes for the product to take effect.

Put on some gloves and rub with a sponge, you will see that the rust disappears easily.

I’ve done this trick and it’s great! This homemade trick to remove rust stains can be done in your bathtub, toilet, shower and washbasin.

Did you know that?

The chemical name for borax is sodium tetraborate or simply sodium borate. It is an odourless, colourless and harmful alkaline salt. Use this product very carefully!

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