How to remove sweat stains from clothing

Remove sweat stains

How can I remove sweat stains from a garment?

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remove sweat stains

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Sport, stress and heat have an unfortunate tendency to make us sweat. This excess moisture leaves unsightly stains or rings on clothing, especially in the armpits. Here are some tips to help you get rid of them effectively.

Alcohol at 70°.

Start by soaking a clean cloth with 70° alcohol. Then, rub the sweat-stained area of your clothes with this cloth.

Then rinse the cloth and rub the treated area with alcohol and soap, as you would for conventional stain removal. Then rinse your garment thoroughly and let it dry.

Oxalic acid

This method of eliminating traces of perspiration is reserved for resistant colors. Moisten a clean cloth with oxalic acid. Then use it to clean the stained part of your clothes.

Rinse the garment and then rub it again with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the garment again and then wash it normally before drying.

Soda crystals

Put hot water in a sink. Then add soda crystals, at the rate of one cup of soda crystals per one liter of water.

Soak your sweat-stained clothes in the mixture. Once you see that the stains have disappeared, rinse your clothes well and put them to dry.

Apple Vinegar

Before using apple vinegar, which is very effective in this type of situation and in particular against the stains left by deodorants, you should know the essential precautions of use.

In fact, it is absolutely necessary to avoid breathing and touching the vinegar. To do this, ventilate the room you are in during use and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

To stain your clothes with apple vinegar, dilute them slightly before soaking them in a clean cloth. Then, wet your clothes with this cloth before rinsing them thoroughly and washing them normally.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Since it has whitening properties, it is preferable to use hydrogen peroxide only in white or light-colored clothing. Its use is very simple: just soak a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide to clean the sweat stain before rinsing, washing and drying the garment once it is clean again.

Liquid detergent

The liquid detergent you usually use in your washing machine can be very effective against sweat stains, especially on white fabrics.

In this case, simply put a small amount of detergent in a tub of hot water. Then soak your stained clothes in it. Let it soak before rubbing the stains. Then rinse your clothes before drying them.

White vinegar

True ally of the house throughout the house, especially against lime, white vinegar can also come in its aid to rid a garment of traces of perspiration.

So, if one of your wool clothes has this kind of inconvenience, clean its stains with diluted white vinegar.

Similarly, if perspiration has slightly discolored your garment, soak it in a mixture of equal parts of water and white vinegar. Once rinsed and washed carefully, it will recover its shine.

Lemon juice

This 100% natural product also works miracles in terms of maintenance and cleaning. Lemon juice is perfect for removing perspiration stains from delicate fabrics.

Simply touch the stained garment gently with a cloth soaked in lemon juice.

It will dilute the lemon juice more or less depending on the size of the stain to be removed. Then let the garment dry and then wash and dry it normally.

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