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  1. Red Stretch Marks : What can be done to remove them?
  2. How do red streaks form?
  3. Causes of Red Stretch Marks
  4. What parts of the body are most affected?
  5. The most suitable treatments for red stretch marks
    1. Creams for red stretch marks
    2. Red Streak Oils
    3. Medical treatments
    4. Daily preventive actions
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Red Stretch Marks : What can be done to remove them?

Red stretch marks are unsightly marks that often appear on the skin during a noticeable weight change or after an excess of hormonal growth. In women, the appearance of red stretch marks is most often associated with pregnancy.

Red Stretch Marks

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If treated in time, these unsightly streaks can be reduced, stopped or completely eliminated by taking appropriate measures and following these few professional tips.

How do red streaks form?

The elasticity of the skin plays an essential role in its harmony and flexibility. When the cell fibers at the base of this elasticity are stretched beyond their limit of extension, they break abruptly.

This violent tearing creates a fall of tissue between the epidermis and the hypodermis of the skin. As a result of the resulting inflammation, cracks appear in the skin in the form of soft red scars: these are red stretch marks(1).

The red dye corresponds to the stage of appearance of the stretch mark. When neglected and untreated, their red color tends to turn purple and then white over time.

Even if you hide them because of a complex, it is important to know that these types of stretch marks are not dangerous to your health. Many women carry them on their bodies, and men carry them to a lesser extent.

Causes of Red Stretch Marks

As explained above, red stretch marks are formed as a result of breaks in the skin's elastic fibers. Very often, a significant accumulation of the hormone cortisol or corticoids causes this tearing of the fibers.

This is because red stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy in women or at puberty, which are periods of major hormonal changes.

More explicitly, towards the second trimester of gestation, the amount of cortisol will increase in the body and influence the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Therefore, stretch marks may appear, which will be more pronounced when the skin is fragile and sensitive.

Variations in growth and weight are also good times to see red streaks appear.

What parts of the body are most affected?

The areas of the body most exposed to stretch marks are particularly those that are subject to severe skin stretching:

  • The buttocks
  • Thighs
  • The Hips
  • Behind the Knees
  • The Belly
  • Breasts

As soon as red stretch marks appear in one or more parts of these areas, a treatment must be applied quickly before they become white stretch marks, which are much more difficult to remove.

Remember that red streaks are said to be "immature" because they are at a very early stage of development. Therefore, it is suitable for quick treatment to reduce their appearance or even eliminate them completely.

The most suitable treatments for red stretch marks

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks, slowing down the development of stretch marks, preventing their reappearance or even eliminating their presence are the objectives of stretch mark treatments(2). The solutions range from the application of creams and oils to medical interventions.

When choosing a suitable solution, the sensitivity of the skin must be taken into account. You have to be very careful with the substances you use. We invite you to give preference to treatments based on natural ingredients and to avoid excessively chemical components.

Creams for red stretch marks

The selection criteria are the composition of the treatment as well as the nature of the skin (dry, oily or normal). The effectiveness of creams to remove stretch marks is explained by its various active ingredients that promote skin elasticity and help it to be more flexible and resistant.

In addition to their pleasant texture and rapid penetration, they are highly moisturizing and contain anti-inflammatory and regenerating ingredients. Apply them directly to the affected areas with a firm and uniform movement for deep penetration.

Red Streak Oils

As reliable as creams, oils are as popular in the stretch mark care aisles. They are naturally thicker than creams, contain no water and penetrate the skin more quickly.

Choose natural oils of vegetable origin. They work to improve skin tone and elasticity.

Like the creams, they are applied by means of a soft massage on the affected areas. On the other hand, avoid mineral and essential oils that are not suitable for red stretch marks.

CelluBlue Stretch Mark Oil combines 4 vegetable oils known for their effectiveness in preventing and reducing stretch marks. The oil penetrates quickly and acts on the area to be treated. The skin is smoother and scars and stretch marks are visibly reduced.

Medical treatments

Sometimes red streaks can be very disabling and a source of discomfort in everyday life. The best alternative after the unsuccessful use of anti-stretch mark oils and creams is cosmetic surgery.

The advantage of this option is that it is capable of making red stretch marks disappear completely, something almost impossible with creams and oils.

On the other hand, these treatments require a large investment and, like any restorative surgery, they are likely to leave scars.

Here are some examples of what is often referred to as abrasion care:

- The laser

Laser treatment is widespread in the field of dermatology. During a session, the aesthetician or dermatologist will remove your stretch marks with pulsed light.

This beam emitted by the laser absorbs the red pigments in the vessels until they burst. This results in a clear burning sensation.

This treatment is contraindicated in certain areas of the body such as breasts, inner thighs or lower abdomen, in black and matte skin, and in case of pregnancy.

- Peeling

This method consists of superficially burning the stretch marks on the skin with glycolic acid to erase the traces of the stretch mark.

The skin will then regenerate, but the conclusive result will only be visible after several months. This practice is quite effective against stretch marks.

- Restorative Surgery

This treatment alternates localized injections and removal of skin tissue. People who use this procedure suffer from very marked and disturbing red stretch marks. This type of reconstructive surgery is in some cases fully covered by Social Security.

Daily preventive actions

The health of the skin and the body in general depends above all on a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The healthier you eat, the more beneficial it is for the flexibility and elasticity of your skin.

In other words, the prevention of red stretch marks is equivalent to reducing excesses (drinks, tobacco...) as much as possible and eliminating fatty, sweet and salty foods from your dishes.

Moisturize your skin every day with softening creams or oils, drink plenty of water and do regular physical activity to improve muscle tone.

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