How to remove white striations?

Remove white striations

White stretch marks are marks on the body that can really bother us, because they are scars on the skin that are complicated to remove, but not impossible, here we show you how to remove white stretch marks.

According to a study published by The National Institute of Health, United States, white stretch marks appear because of the sudden stretching of the skin because the tissues break down and cause these marks.

The stretch marks at the beginning are red or tend also to a purple hue, but when they heal, they become white and it is more difficult to reduce them, so we teach you how to remove white stretch marks with these remedies:

Almond oil

It is a natural moisturizer that penetrates deeply into the skin and gradually fades away.

Apply it before going to sleep and leave it on all night long; in the morning remove it with hot water while bathing.

Avocado cream

Acts as a skin regenerator. It is recommended to apply it in circular movements to stimulate circulation.

You can prepare it yourself, just make an ‘avocado puree’ and add a little olive oil to improve the consistency and be an easier cream to spread. Olive oil also hydrates the skin.

Aloe vera

It is a natural healing that is used to close wounds faster, also prevents scars and marks on the skin, so it is an excellent alternative to eliminate stretch marks.

Scrape the gel directly from the plant and apply it to your skin after the shower. That’s when the pores are open and you’ll get better results.

Mother-of-pearl shell

Mother-of-pearl shell cream is known to remove scars, wrinkles and lighten the skin, so it is also a good option to remove white stretch marks; it will bring uniformity to the skin tone.

It is important that to remove white stretch marks be constant and apply these remedies every day, if possible twice a day. That way you’ll notice the stretch marks fading away.

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