How to Remove Yogurt Stains

Remove Yogurt Stains

Tips for removing yogurt stains from clothing, leather, carpet and wood

I have a garment that I really like, but it’s stained with yogurt.

How do I clean yogurt stains on clothes?

Is there any home remedy to effectively remove those stains?

And if they’re dry, is there a homemade tip to get them out?

To clean the yogurt stain, let the stain dry and gently brush the back of the garment to remove the glued yogurt. Finally wash the stained garment with a little liquid detergent and warm water. And out with stains!

  1. If the garment is cotton, yogurt stains are easier to remove. Pour some colorless detergent or liquid soap directly onto the stain, rub or brush gently and rinse with warm water. And how do I remove the dry yogurt stain? With warm water and a little ammonia soak the garment for a few minutes, rub gently and wash it again with warm water and liquid soap.

If the yogurt stain seems so difficult to remove, after normal washing, wash the garment stained with white vinegar.

  1. A good trick for removing dry yogurt stains on carpets and upholstery is to rub a little glycerin on the stained surface. Clean the stained area with warm water and colorless soap and rinse with water so that no stains remain. To remove any remaining water, use paper towel and let it dry in the shade.
  2. To remove the yoghurt stains on the wood, we must apply a little glycerin, rub on the stain until it is removed with the help of a rag. Soak a piece of cotton with alcohol to continue cleaning the stained wood. Finally, with another rag rinse with water and neutral soap.

Did you know that?

Never wash stains with hot water because it makes the stain more impregnated. Use warm water.

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