How to rent a car – Tips and recommendations.

How to rent a car

Are you thinking about renting a car and you don’t know where to start? Stop by and have a look at these Tips for renting a car.

When you think about traveling, a lot of things go through your mind.

How to rent a car
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Such as the type of clothes you will wear, some hygiene products, hotel reservations, or the question of which of your friends or family at your destination will let you stay at their home.

You will even develop a list and an itinerary with the places you want to visit. But one thing you overlook is the kind of transport you’ll use.

If you go to another city, or another country, you may find a variety of options to the other to transport you.

You can choose trains, subways, trucks or buses, even travel by taxi. These are all very good alternatives, but there are those who require something more intimate, personal, or familiar. That’s why a good percentage of tourists choose to rent a car.

You have a feeling of freedom when you travel in a car rented by the city. You don’t have to deal with other people, you spend more time with your family or friends, and you can go wherever you want.

But even so, there are those who, despite preferring these alternatives are a little fearful due to a high level of ignorance.

To solve some doubts we have listed the following tips for renting a car.

Advice and tips for renting a car cheaper

If you want to visit another city, and you want to have a vehicle that meets your requirements, but at the same time is economical, an excellent alternative is to travel in low season.

You will find many advantages when traveling these days, such as, for example, a multitude of offers, and I not only talk in the souvenir shop, but also in the car rental, in addition to the fact that the streets will have less traffic.

But, although the previous alternative is very good. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel in the low season, but explicitly on holidays and holiday dates. This is the moment when the tourist boom is greatest, and therefore the prices too. If this is your case, choose to reserve your vehicle in low season.

Once you have chosen the date of the trip, the question is, if the agencies provide the service in a more economical way. In particular I recommend that you avoid franchises, or large businesses, because they have higher costs, which implies a substantial increase in the price of the service.

Contact the agencies in the area, they will undoubtedly give you more attractive prices.

Finally, a very interesting trick. Thanks to advances in technology, companies are able to simplify processes. This lowers their cost, and in turn this benefits the user greatly, because you get better prices.

If the agency you have chosen has a website, I suggest you visit it, as most of them offer discounts if you book online.


This is a usual thing. You plan to travel, and you get the idea of what to incorporate into your suitcase. You’re looking for lodging and car rental prices, and all bookings.

But just when you least expect it, there’s an unforeseen event that you can’t pass up. So you have to cancel everything. But, canceling a vehicle reservation can mean a surcharge of up to 100% of the car rental.

It’s very disconcerting, I know, but don’t worry, there are ways to avoid this surcharge. To do this, you only have to make a reservation for another date, and then cancel it.

Even so, this is a trick that works with a limited number of companies. The best thing is that, at the moment of reserving your vehicle, you are well informed with an agency. They will tell you the maximum term in which you can cancel without receiving additional charges.

Choosing a car

The agencies offer a great variety of cars. You will probably be thinking about renting a specific model, we recommend that you think more about the use you are going to give it.

Keep in mind the number of people who will use it, plus all the luggage you have. With this you will be able to see what type you need, but I still recommend that you choose a bigger one.

One of the most common mistakes users make when renting is that you are believed to rent specific models. On the contrary, cars are rented by category and not by model. This has a great impact on users, as it turns out that when they remove the vehicle they find that it is not what they wanted.

The car’s category is determined by its capacity and luxury, so consider it when you pick it up at the dealership.

Some agencies offer the possibility of renting luxurious vehicles, such as Ferrari or porch.

If it is your wish or dream to drive one of these beauties reserved only for the wealthy, you can do so by renting it from an agency that allows it. But beware, because the demands for the rental of these super sports are much greater.

Removing or picking up the vehicle

No doubt a moment of great expectation, or perhaps one of great distraction from many novices. You must be careful when removing the vehicle and pay attention to every detail of it.

If possible, take pictures of every part of the car, and don’t skimp on the inspection. If the owner has missed a scratch, be sure he will find a way to charge you.

Don’t forget to also check every part, every corner. Check to see if all the lights are working, if the carpet is stained, if the seats are defective, if the indicators on the dashboard are fully functional, and also if the fuel tank is full.

You must be very careful, as you may end up paying for someone else’s disasters.

Delivery of the car

The trip is over, everything was wonderful. You’ve visited new places, made new and wonderful memories with your friends and family, but now it’s time to go home.

It is of course to deliver the car. But first you must bear in mind that you must deliver it as you withdrew it. Otherwise, if it’s dirty, with a few bumps or scratches, or even with an empty fuel tank, you can be sure that you’ll have surcharges on your card very soon.

Last tips:

  • Vehicles are mostly rented to people over 25 years of age. Besides, if you’re under 25, you’ll get a young driver’s fee. It therefore ensures that the main driver is more than 25 years old.
  • When choosing an insurance, always ask for an insurance without excess. And at all risks. In this way you cover any type of incident that may occur, and additionally save some money, because insurance with excess is more expensive.
  • If you want to visit other countries with your rented car, you must inform your agency which are allowed, in addition to the charge you will generate this. There are countries that you can visit for free, but there are also some where you have to pay an additional fee.
  • When you deliver the vehicle, try to do so at the same agency where you picked it up. Although many companies have offices in many cities, and you can deliver it there, this generates an additional charge.

As you can see, renting a vehicle to enjoy your trip to the maximum is not as complicated as you might think. Particularly the problem lies in the misinformation of the users. It won’t be a problem for you if you follow these tips to rent a car.

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