How To Repair Android GPS Quickly And Easily With Root And Without Root

If your GPS signal is not the most accurate it is likely to need a calibration and better still a repair.

There are currently applications that will help us repair Android GPS in any version.

Repair Android GPS

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One of them is GPS Fix apk 2017, one of the best that we have found to solve common errors in our device.

We are going to have 2 processes to repair the GPS of our cell phone, one of them needs super user permissions. On the other hand the following method can be done without being root.

First method to repair Android GPS with root

In this first method what we have to do is modify a system file. So to get there, find and modify this file we need a text editor with root permissions. You can use whatever you manage, we in this case use the apk Solid Explorer for free in the Play Store.

Note: Whenever we modify a system file, we must first make a backup. If we can make it from the system or if not just from our most important data.

  1. First we need to go to the website and search for our country. To find a link that we’ll paste into the gps.conf file with the text editor. For example in the case of Spain it would be “” without quotes.
  2. Then once we have the address of our country, we must open an explorer to go to the path: /system/etc/gps.conf. When we find the file we open it with a text editor, in this case Solid Explorer.
  3. Go down a few lines until you find the line “NT_SERVER=” where you paste the address you copied from the web page in step 1.
  4. After we have modified the file, we save it and restart our cell phone.
  5. When it has restarted, we need to download the A-GPS data and update the GPS database. To do this, download the GPS Status & Toolbox application.

By performing this process we would have our cell phone working perfectly and with the GPS repaired.

We can also calibrate our PGS with the GPS Essentials application from the Play Store. To perform the calibration, open the application and go to the following route: Menu > Compas > Calibrate.

Repair Android GPS without being root fast and easy

For this case we have more options, specifically applications that will help us to better signal our GPS. All of them don’t need root permissions, they work and improve positioning.

The first GPS Fix: An application with a simple and very useful interface, which increases the precision of the gps. What we have to do in this case with GPS enabled is open the application and click Start Fixing.

The second application we are going to use in this case is the one previously mentioned in the first GPS Status & Toolbox method. With this application we will improve the signal connection with respect to our location.

The process we have to do with this application is as follows:

  1. Open the application and go to the Tools option and select Manage A-GPS status.
  2. After that we’d just have to restart the Andorid device.

We hope that with these applications you can improve the GPS signal of your cell phone. You can also fix any errors you had with the location on Google Maps.

Recommendations for repairing Android GPS

If your GPS doesn’t turn on, doesn’t work, or doesn’t give you a precise location after you dropped your cell phone. It is possible that because of the blow this damaged and some circuit has failed. In this case, whatever you do, no application in the Play Store repairs it.

But if your GPS stopped working due to a software update or malicious application. The best solution is to reset your device to factory settings. But if this doesn’t repair the gps of your mobile, you can flash it (change the software), this if it repairs it.

Links to download the apps of this post:

  • GPS Status & Toolbox:
  • APP GPS Essentials:
  • GPS Fix:

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